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Why My Xbox Controller Disconnecting From Pc? Best In 2023

Have you ever experienced an issue that caused the xbox controller disconnecting from pc? What is the reason my controller continue to disconnect from my PC? It’s not a very common issue but it’s one that is fixable. In this post we’ll show you how to fix the controller that is constantly disconnecting from my PC.

What To Do If Your Controller Is Disconnecting?

When your device is unable to connect from your computer there are some steps you can take to determine the cause. Make sure the controller is correctly connected to your computer. Connect directly to your motherboard rather than through the USB port on your PC. If this doesn’t resolve the issue, try disconnecting and reconnecting the controller into your computer multiple times. If this doesn’t solve the issue then you might need to change the USB cable that connects the controller and the computer.

Why Does My Controller Keep Disconnecting?

Disconnecting controllers is a frequent problem for gamers, and it can result from a range of reasons. Overloaded or defective controllers may result in the controller to become overheated and eventually fail when it gets dirty, or blocked ports in the game PC may create issues. In some cases, the incorrect settings on the computer could be the reason. In the event that you’re seeing frequent disconnections from your controller it’s worthwhile to look into the root of the issue.

How To Fix The Controller Keeps Disconnecting From My Pc?

The reason why the xbox controller disconnecting from pc could be due to one of the following causes:

Geforce Experience From Nvidia Must Be Removed From The System

Nvidia Geforce Experience (GFE) is an NVIDIA software which allows gamers to improve the settings of their games, participate in multi-player games as well as also share videos and screenshots. A few users have complained that the program can cause their controllers to disconnect from their computer. Nvidia recommends uninstalling it when it causes issues.

Nvidia Drivers For Xbox One

Nvidia drivers are required to allow you Xbox One to function properly. They regulate the sound and graphics of your console. They could cause problems in the event that they are not installed properly. Be sure to have the most current drivers installed by looking out the Nvidia website. If you’re still experiencing issues in your gaming controller consider using a different USB connection or headset on your computer.

Shut Down Steam And Switch Off The Controller’s Power Saving Mode

There are a variety of reasons for your controller to keep disconnecting from your computer. One possible reason is that you have switched off the power saving feature. If it’s the case, start Close Steam and select the Controller tab. If you notice that the Controller Power Saving Mode option is not visible, you’ve probably switched it off. 

If that’s not your case then it might be a problem with the connectivity to wireless between the PC and your controller. Try reconnecting the network by switching on Wi-Fi or Ethernet at both places before trying to connect the controller in the same way.

Closer Controls To The Console

Disconnections from controllers could result from a range of causes, but a most common reason is a problem in the controller’s USB connection. If the controller’s USB connection isn’t receiving sufficient power, it may not be able to remain connected to the computer. You can connect the controller direct to the computer by using an USB cable, instead of the adapter included to ensure whether your PC is supplying enough energy to power the controller. If you’re still having issues you can contact the manufacturer for assistance.

NVIDIA Wireless Controller Service Has Been Disabled

NVIDIA wireless controller has been disabled on your computer in the event that this error message appears: “The NVIDIA Wireless Controller Service has been disabled on this computer.” This problem is usually fixed by installing the most current driver for NVIDIA wireless controller. NVIDIA wireless controller.

Make Sure The Battery Is Checked

There are several things that can cause your controller to lose connection to your computer. The first thing to do is make sure that you have your battery fully filled. If the battery is not fully charged it may cause the controller’s connection to be cut off. In addition, ensure you have the USB connection on your computer is connected. When the USB port is not functioning correctly, it may cause the controller’s connection to be cut off. Make sure you’re using the correct software for your device. There’s a wide selection of drivers on the internet If you don’t have the right driver installed, it might cause the controller to shut down.

Reconnect Your Wireless Controller In Device Manager

If you’re having issues when your wireless controller is disconnected from your computer, you might have to reconnect it. To reconnect the wireless device, launch the Device Manager and look for the Wireless Controller in the Network Adapters category. Select the wireless Controller and choose Reconnect. If the option Reconnect is not present, the controller might not be connected to your PC in a proper manner.

Check The Battery

The controller not connecting to your computer could be due to an insufficient or dead battery inside the controller. To determine if this is the case, unplug the device from your laptop and plug in an outlet. If the controller turns on, the battery could be low or has died. Replace the battery as necessary.

Reconnect Your Wireless Controller

When your device is unable to connect from your computer There are some ways to fix the issue. Make sure you connect your controller to your PC with the USB cable. If you’re connecting wirelessly be sure the PC and your controller are both connected to one wireless connection. If you’re having trouble connecting your controller to the computer Try rebooting the two devices. In the event that all of the solutions works then it may be necessary to repair and fix the controller’s connection software.

Power cycling

If a device isn’t being used for a long period of time then the power supply for the device may be shut off to conserve energy. Once the gadget is switched on again, it checks for an active power source. If it fails to locate the connection that is active, it will attempt to reconnect after a specified time. This is known as “power cycling.”

Moving Away From Electrical Appliances

People are shifting away from electrical appliances due to the health risks associated with these appliances. Many have concerns about chemical compounds used to make these appliances and the effects that they can have on the health of humans. There have been instances of electric appliances that cause fires, which is why many are searching for ways to decrease the risk of injuries or fire.

Update Controller Firmware Software

Update Controller Firmware Software can be described as a piece software that keeps your controllers as well as devices that are on your computer current. It scans the system for any updates, and if they are any, then installs them automatically for you. If there is no update to install it will inform you this.

Connect A Different Controller

The disconnect of controllers is an common issue that may occur in the event that two controllers connect to a computer. The reason is that the controllers have different ports, which could create interfering. To prevent this from happening it is suggested to use a separate controller your PC every time you play games.

Use A USB Type-A Micro Cord

There are many reasons a USB Type A Micro Cord could cause the controller to break off from PC. If the cord is not properly connected it can lead to the computer overheating, and eventually fail. If the cord is damaged in any way, it may cause an electrical disturbance that could stop the controller from operating. If you’re having issues with the controller’s connection to your computer, try using a USB Type A Micro Cord instead of the Original cable and see if this can solve the problem.


If you’re experiencing issues related to your PlayStation 4 controller disconnecting from your computer, you can follow the suggestions that are provided in this post. We hope that they can help to solve the problem. In this article we will assist you in answering the following questions regarding the reason why my controller keeps disconnecting my computer.



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