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White Pc Build Best Information In 2023

Sourcing components for a gaming White Pc Build that offers both high performance and an awesome aesthetic can be a complicated endeavor. Consumers are met with a myriad of different part names, prices, and compatibility options that can make White Pc Build a frustrating experience.

Today we seek to reduce that frustration by providing all the part choices you need to Pc Build an insane white-themed Pc Build that makes no major sacrifices when it comes to power and design. We’ve put together a great system that utilizes some of the latest components such as, a 12th Gen Intel CPU, and a high-performing GPU, the Nvidia RTX 3060Ti. We will be breaking down all of the individual components while offering some mid-range peripherals that match the aesthetic of the Pc.

GameResolutionSettingsAVG. FPS
F1 20221440PHigh141
Marvel’s Spiderman Remastered1440PHigh113
GTA V1440PHigh138
Battlefield 20421440PHigh (DLSS)104
Forza Horizon 51440PUltra93
Apex Legends1440PHigh129
COD Warzone1440PHigh146

A New Look For Your Next Build

Clean, modern design can come in any color. CORSAIR has the broadest range of white PC hardware and peripherals to make your setup stand out from the rest.

Main Components


Start with a great foundation –  from compact tempered glass cases to high-airflow mid-towers, most CORSAIR cases are available in white for a head-turning pristine look.

CPU Coolers

Our best-selling H100i RGB PLATINUM SE Liquid CPU Cooler features a white radiator, white LL120 RGB fans, white tubing, and a white surround shroud on the CPU block for clean looks, and chilled performance.

POWER Supplies

RMx White power supplies, in either 750W or 850W, feature not just flawless white housing, but also individually sleeved white PSU cables.


CORSAIR LL RGB Series white fans feature 16 RGB LEDs, four in the hub and six in the surrounding ring, while QL RGB Series fans offer four separate light loops – hub and ring on both front and back – for a total of 34 combined RGB LEDs per fan, along with a striking white housing. Incredible lighting effects and PWM control add instant customization and precise command of fan speeds.


Memory that’s as fast as it is beautiful, CORSAIR VENGEANCE RGB PRO DDR4 modules feature individually addressable RGB LEDs, software lighting control, and are available in a wide variety of capacities and speeds to suit even the most ambitious White Pc Build.

Custom Cooling

Add the best in custom cooling to your PC with the CORSAIR Hydro X Series. With a range of pristine white fittings, radiators, CPU block, and Pump/Reservoir Combo, your custom cooling loop will turn heads and lower your temperatures.


Take your color scheme beyond the case with a wide range of white CORSAIR peripherals. From the K70 RGB Mk.2 SE Gaming Keyboard, to the award-winning M65 RGB ELITE Gaming Mouse, to the multi-platform VIRTUOSO RGB High-Fidelity Gaming Headset, you can Pc Build a stunning white setup from top to bottom.


Add the finishing touch and update your front panel connectors, SATA cables, and fully modular CORSAIR PSU cables to white with a wide range of accessory and cable kits.


Command in comfort with the cloth T3 Rush gaming chair in an elegant white and gray color combination.

CPU: Intel Core i5 12600K

Intel’s Core i5 12600K on the 12th gen platform makes yet another appearance in one of our Pc, and for good reason. The overclocking abilities on this CPU are excellent, and can be pushed beyond the realms of 5GHz and upwards for those that want an extra performance boost.

CPU Cooler: MSI Core Liquid 240R V2

This CPU cooler compliments the aesthetic of this Pc with a clean white and RGB look. The MSI Core Liquid 240R v2 features ARGB on the rotatable water block and fans to add a splash of color. Also, the split-flow water cooling system will provide optimal cooling, ideal to get some overclocking underway.

Motherboard: MSI MAG B660M Mortar Wi-Fi DDR4

We have previously written a full review of the MSI’s MAG B660M Mortar in which we considered it great value for money. This motherboard looks slick in any Pc thanks to the silver and black aesthetic, combined with the massive feature-set, this is a great micro-ATX choice!

RAM: Corsair Vengeance RGB RT 32GB DDR4 White

Corsair’s Vengeance RT RAM is maintaining the blend of white and RGB in this Pc. The industry leading iCUE software allows you to control the lighting options and synchronize with other compatible products. The 32GB capacity and high clock speed should also sustain power for overclocking and a much needed performance boost.

SSD: Samsung SSD 980

This Samsung 980 1TB SSD offers a significant speed boost as well as enough storage for all of your favorite titles. Utilizing the Gen3 interface, this drive can reach up to 3500 MB/s on the reads, and 3000MB/s on the writes. The 980 will make gaming on this Pc a smooth experience, with minimal load times in all of your games.

GPU: MSI RTX 3060Ti Gaming X Trio

For our GPU we’ve picked out MSI’s Gaming X Trio variant of the 3060Ti. This RTX card is positioned very well in the mid-range market providing stellar performance at 1080P and 1440P settings. This card also has some decent legs in Ray-Tracing, and can be used to visually enhance some of your favourite titles.

Case: MSI MPG Gungir 110R White

To house all of these powerful components we’ve picked MSI’s MPG Gungir 110R White case. With four 120mm included RGB fans, and plenty of tempered glass this case is perfect to show off our components in all their glory. You’ve also got plenty of options in terms of rear IO and varying fan configurations.


Finalizing our component choices, we’ve picked MSI’s A750GF, a 750 watt, 80+ gold efficiency power supply, sporting the white design aesthetic we’re utilizing for this Pc Build. This PSU is also fully modular, allowing you to pick and choose your cables reducing any frustrating cable management.

White Mid-Range Peripherals

Rounding off our Pc, we’ve picked out some of our favorite peripherals sitting within the mid-range market sporting the white aesthetic that we’ve seen throughout this build. The peripherals we’ve chosen come with great feature-sets but we’ve been somewhat more price conscious, picking out options that give you the best value for money with the all-important white color design.

Glorious Model O Lightweight Mouse

We’ve taken a look at the Glorious Model O in our Best Gaming Mice roundup, and this mouse is ‘glorious’. Rated as one of the best Sports mice to buy, the Model O is extremely lightweight, gliding across surfaces without any hindrances. To top it off, this mouse has a white breathable chassis, with RGB lining the casing and the internals. This mouse is an excellent choice for those wanting supreme accuracy within their games.

Razer Black Widow Lite TKL

With Razer‘s optical mechanical switches, this keyboard is stealthy when it comes to keypresses. Each key offers a satisfying experience when it comes to gaming and typing. The switches are fitted with o-rings which dampen the sound further ensuring you aren’t making too much nose on the microphone while gaming. The hollowed ABS keycaps allow the white backlighting to shine through brightly adding some extra flair.

Logitech G733 LIGHTSPEED Headset

Logitech’s G733 LIGHTSPEED wireless is a headset we’ve reviewed in full, and spoiler alert – it’s excellent! With customizable DTS audio, this headset provides crisp sound along with accurate 7.1 surround sound, allowing you to hear the tiniest footsteps. Combined with the BLUEVO!CE filters improving microphone quality and reducing any background noise, this wireless design is perfect for gaming, movies, and music!



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