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What To Do With Old GPU? Best Information In 2023

If you’re an avid player, you might need to upgrade your graphics card often to meet the demands of the most recent games. Furthermore, technology of graphics cards is improving rapidly, rendering what to do with old gpu incompatible with modern tasks that require a lot of GPU. If you decide to upgrade the graphics card of your computer you might be wondering what you could do with it, particularly in the event that it’s in good working order. Let’s look at possible things you could accomplish with your old graphic card instead of throwing it in the trash.

What To Do With Old Graphics Cards (8 Things To Do)

1. Sell It

If the graphics card you have is of good working order If it is in good condition, you can sell it through various platforms. Because the technology behind graphics cards is advancing rapidly it is possible that you won’t be able to sell them for an acceptable amount. If you’d like to eliminate the card at any price There are plenty of potential buyers who’ll be delighted to purchase an old graphics card that they aren’t able to use for games or for graphics.

Even if your graphic card doesn’t provide the gaming you require however, that doesn’t mean anyone else shouldn’t be able to make use of it for everyday processing. There’s always someone who has recently begun setting up an entry-level gaming system with a graphics card that should suffice to meet their needs.

If it’s not You can still put your graphics card on the market as an item that is defective on designated marketplaces, and try to find people interested in the remaining components of the card , or skilled enough to fix it. Should you choose to dispose of your GPU make it happen right now because these components appreciate extremely quickly. It could be necessary to sell your home for a lesser price in the event that you don’t act fast.

2. Give It Up

There’s the option of giving your gaming card to someone who may need it. Do you have a friend who cannot pay for a brand new, top-of-the-line graphic card, then why don’t you give it away for charity? You could also use your computer for charitable causes and donate it to charities such as Folding@home. It’s a project for distributed computing which assists researchers in finding solutions to many ailments by simulating the dynamics of proteins. You could also install the old GPU on a different PC and then donate its processing power for this purpose.

3. Change It For Another Hardware

There’s a way to sell your graphic card If you require a certain piece of equipment it is possible to trade your graphics card in exchange for it. As graphics cards and other silicon-based hardware are not in stock There is a chance that you will meet someone willing to give up their hardware to get your GPU. People are available to trade on online communities, such as the specific Facebook or Reddit groups. You might have a bit of luck to locate a person with your desired component and is interested in your GPU, however, you could test it out in case selling isn’t an option.

4. Make Use Of It In Its New Device

A graphics card is used on a range of other gadgets since you don’t have to use it solely on a computer. But before you can use it on these devices, it is recommended to examine the specifications and ensure that it is compatible with your device, and it may become an update. Additionally, the specifications can help you decide if you should sell your graphics card, donate it to charity or even use it with a different device. Below are a few of the most common devices that can make use of graphics cards:

An Additional Computer Or TV

If you have a different system with less specifications, you can still make use of your older video card in order to update it. It could not be your primary computer you use for daily computing tasks on. You can use this secondary computer to stream movies and connect to your television via HDMI, Bluetooth, or screen mirroring.

If you own an older TV that does not allow streaming, it is possible to project shows streaming onto the TV and then upgrade it at no cost. It is also possible to connect it to a different computer in order to engage in games with players in the LAN setting. If you have children at home or at a visit the area, you could give it to children to play with.

Console Emulator

If you’re a devoted gamer You can create an entirely separate gaming system for games from the past and save thousands of games on your old computer. You might want to play some old-school games every occasionally, but don’t wish playing them with your high-end gaming system to reserve it for more sophisticated games. Here’s how the old graphics card can do to help you if you’re using an older computer, too.

It is possible to install console emulator onto the computer and then connect an old graphics card to play old-fashioned games. In this way, you’ll be able to put your old PC to more use as older games don’t require the latest technology, and you can play them for a the price of a low-cost. After you have downloaded the emulator, you are able to connect the PC to the television in the event that your TV’s display is outdated and low-end.


If you’ve recently purchased a home theater computer there is a good chance that it has an integrated video card that is of the highest quality. If you own an old Home Theater PC that has an older video card that has smaller specs, you are able to utilize an older graphics card. So, you can take advantage of 4K resolution as well as other specifications and make the most of the performance of your HTPC setup. The most important thing to be aware of is that your graphics card must be capable of generating the 4K resolution.

In the event that your graphic card doesn’t seem old, it can be used for various high-resolution and 4K games on your HTPC. But, as the majority of home theater computers feature a minimalist design, and are intended to fit into small spaces, a massive GPU could not fit within it. Examine the form factor and the levels of heat produced by the GPU prior to attaching it with the HTPC. If the GPU produces too much heat, putting it in a space that is cramped could result in problems with cooling.

Home Server

A home server, or the NAS is a device that is connected to an internal network to store and backup documents and files. Connect to any device, such as tablets, phones or any other computer and you can access your data at any time. While a graphics card may not be essential for home servers but it’s a good way to do other things. For instance, you could make use of the software to play games, complete tasks that use GPUs, or access images. Even if the server you are using has an internal GPU, you could replace it with an older graphics card, if it is equipped with better specifications.

5. Save It For A Remainder Component

If you don’t update your graphics cards often You may not have to dispose of or recycle the outdated graphics card. You can keep it as a backup for any eventual emergencies. When you experience display issues , but you aren’t sure if your graphics card is defective or not. If that’s the scenario, you can swap it out with the second graphics card, and check whether it performs.

You could also make use of it as a test to determine if computers can play a particular game. As an example, suppose that your gaming partner owns an older computer with similar specs to your old GPU, it might not be able to play the specific game. In that scenario you could use your previous GPU to test benchmarks and determine whether you are able to play the particular game.

If you plan what to do with old gpu for future use keep it in a secure location with excellent physical conditions to avoid the possibility of damage. Additionally, it is important to be aware it is the more time you use your GPU the more it’ll decline in value. If you are planning to sell it, it is best to sell it as quickly as possible , and don’t hold it for long.

6. Modify The Graphics Card

Modifying can be a fun hobby if you’re keen on playing around with hardware, and gain knowledge about the computer hardware. You could also take the graphics card and replace the parts with higher-spec and more recent ones. But be aware that mods to your previous GPU may void your warranty. If you’re certain that your old computer is no longer of usage, you can play around using it. You can modify the heatsink, the fans as well as the backplate or even the shroud for the heatsink.

7. Other Uses

If you’re not planning to make use of your old PC for any of these reasons or isn’t suitable for those uses You can test other options. One option is to make use of it in the form of an arcade machine. You can find kits that assist you in setting up your machine by connecting the joysticks and buttons to your computer. Alternately, you can utilize it to mining cryptocurrency but it is not advised due to legal issues and the high cost of electricity.

If you’re certain that you’re able to use it to accomplish this within your region it’s a great method to earn some extra income. In the end, if you’re unable to utilize the GPU because it’s outdated or isn’t functional You can be imaginative and make it an art work. It’s a great way to showcase your hardware-loving your artistic skills.

As an example, you can create a hole that is in the same size as the GPU on the middle the desk. place it in the middle, then fill your desk with epoxy. It could also be used for a coaster or place it on a shelf , or hang to the wall. If you upgrade many components of your computer, you will slowly build up a collection that showcases your gaming or computing abilities and passions.

8. Recycle

If you are able to determine that your old computer isn’t worth keeping, then you might decide to throw it to the curb. But throwing it into the trash isn’t the most efficient option to get rid of the old graphics card, as other PC components. It could even be illegal according to your local regulations since components in computers aren’t broken down and shouldn’t be disposed of in landfills because they are filled with harmful chemical substances.

Find companies that recycle these components in order to extract the precious metals they contain and eliminate the remainder in a sustainable manner. If you own one of the Nvidia graphics card you are able to send it to one of their E-waste certified vendors who will handle recycling. Certain physical stores, like Best Buy, also have electronic recycling departments.

Where Are You Able To Sell An Old Graphics Card?

Reselling old graphics cards is now an income-generating venture because of the shortage of supplies due to an increase in the market for cryptocurrency. It’s so profitable that individuals purchase used graphics cards, and then sell them at a higher price. This is where you could market your used graphics card:

1. Word Of Mouth

Selling on the internet can be quick, safe and easy. If you’ve got an extensive group of friends with similar interests who enjoy gaming or some other form of graphic work, then you can offer your graphics card to them. You can also ask your relatives and friends to locate someone interested in purchasing a second-hand graphics card. If you are unable to find someone in your area, you could explore online options that are simple and fast. You can also consider alternative methods of physical manifestation for example, garage sales or other type of event that is happening in your area.

2. Online Places

An array of online sites and venues let you sell your items that are no longer being used and then sell them at the highest price. The most significant benefit of these websites is that they are able to draw huge customer bases that will help you improve the exposure of your brand. This gives you an increased likelihood of selling something including the older graphics card. The most popular eCommerce sites include Amazon and e-Bay and permit you to create accounts as sellers and sell used and new products.

All you have to do is establish the account, add your graphics card as an utilized item, and then wait for a buyer. There’s also an online site that is well-known in your town or region to help you create a more efficient sale. Another selling site you could consider is classified sites or apps that are peer-to-peer and free specifically created to sell second-hand items. Craigslist is by far the most well-known option, however you can choose Oodle, OLX, Locanto and many more.

Reddit Hardwareswap, Facebook Marketplace and groups, Offerup, Letgo, and Anandtech are some other online sites that can help you make money selling your gaming device without having you to pay commissions (unlike Amazon and e-Bay).

Tips To Sell Your Graphics Card With Older Design

If you choose to sell your old graphics card, it’s the initial step to be sure it’s worth the price. If you’re unable to sell it for a decent price, you might prefer to keep it in case of an emergency. Perform a quick internet searching in Amazon and eBay to find the average price. It’s best to choose an amount that’s an average of all prices you’ll find in various markets. You’ll need to provide the price you’re willing to pay that’s not too expensive that no one would ever want it, but not too low that it’s no longer worth it.

If you are required to pay for sign-up or commission fees, you may be required to include those charges in the cost. It is also possible to find an estimate of the cost of selling by researching the cost of a new computer and then multiplying it by the amount of time you’ve been using it. Divide this number by two and add it to the number by dividing the cost in half by the amount of time. This could be a reasonable price for an old graphics card.

You might also wish to set a higher price in order to make room for bargains. After determining your price for the item, it’s now time to put the item on the market in an attractive manner to draw buyers. Offer high-quality images and clearly describe the condition, and include all essential specifications that will help buyers make a decision. The images must be clear and taken from various angles so that they can show the physical state of the card as well as the accessories.

Also, provide a list of the gaming capabilities of your card by providing an estimation of the required settings to play certain games. Then, when you are done selling the GPU Make sure you secure it in a way that your client receives it in good working order. If the device is damaged, you’ll have to return it and also refund the amount, and you’ll end with a GPU that isn’t functional.



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