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Ps5 Controller Blinking Blue Best Information In 2023

It’s true that the Ps5 Controller Blinking Blue sometimes flashes various colors of light, like orange or blue. This could be a bit alarming If you aren’t sure why this is occurring. If this happens with your console, you shouldn’t be concerned at this point. It’s the case that the PS5 Dual Sense Ps5 Controller blinks for a short time while it is off and connecting with the console. If the light does not fade it could be due to an issue connecting to the console. Try restarting your controller, resetting it, and then updating the controller and console software to fix the issue quickly.

The first step in fixing an issue with the Ps5 Controller Blinking Blue is to figure the cause of the issue. This is the only way to determine whether the Ps5 Controller Blinking Blue actually requires repair or if another issue is the cause. Let’s start and find out everything you need to know concerning flashing LEDs for your PS5 Dual Sense controller!

What Does Flashing Blue Mean On The PS5 Controller?

The most recent Ps5 Controller Blinking Blue has added some brand new and exciting technology. It has a wide range of features that weren’t offered with the original PS4 controller. This is a positive development however some users get a bit confused using the Ps5 Controller Blinking Blue because of the different flashes and lights that could be observed. The flashes and lights shown through the Ps5 Controller Blinking Blue are a sign of different activities that are taking place.

Normally the Ps5 Controller Blinking will in two colors blue and orange/amber. They aren’t usually associated with any issue related to the Ps5 Controller Blinking Blue. The problem arises when the Ps5 Controller keeps flashing without stopping or if the color of the flash isn’t either orange or blue. Before you know how to repair the flashing PS5 controller, it is important to understand the reason why flashes of different colors pop within the controller.

In most cases flashes are a sign of an action that is taking place. The cause could range including a connection being established to charging. When you’ve identified the reason a particular color flash appears in your device, you’ll be more at ease about the issue. Let’s look at what the meaning of the colors is.

Blue Flashing

If you power the PS5 controller, the device attempts to connect to the console. When it does, the Ps5 Controller will blink blue. The blue light that flashes signifies a connection to the console and a powering-on. If you connect the Ps5 Controller to your console that blue light should cease. It will last for some seconds in typical cases. If the Ps5 Controller isn’t able to connect to the console it will continue to flash that blue LED. This is when you’ll need to troubleshooting.

There are a variety of reasons for the weak connection between consoles and PS5 controller, such as the following:

  • Software that is outdated for the controller.
  • There is a conflict between the Ps5 Controller Blinking Blue as well as console
  • Damaged USB cables
  • Interruption of the Bluetooth connection caused by interferences
  • Older software for the console

Orange Flashes

A flash of orange indicates charging. When you connect your Ps5 Controller and charge it, it flashes an the orange light until you stop charging. The issue is when the light turns orange for a short time before it disappears, or if the Ps5 Controller isn’t charging , but the light remains orange.

An unusual flash in orange indicates an issue with charging. It could be caused by an issue with the USB port, cable, or even a battery. If your controller’s battery is damaged, it will not recharge properly. It’s the Ps5 Controller will indicate the problem by flashing the light orange for just some minutes.

Red And White Flash

Any color that isn’t blue or orange for the Ps5 Controller could indicate the presence of a hardware or software issue, such as corrupted software or data defective wiring within the Ps5 Controlle or a damaged controller. In this instance you’ll need to investigate the issue and figure out a suitable solution. In some instances you may need the Ps5 Controller Blinking Blue to be sent to a repair shop for repairs or replacement.

What Is The Reason My PS Controller Flashing With Blue Light?

If the controller’s LEDs flash continuously blue, there’s an issue in the communication between it and console or the PC. It could be the result of these 5 causes:

  • The console you’re connecting to your console might have a problem connecting to it.
  • It is possible that your Controller software could be out of date.
  • It is possible that the PS5 software for the system may require an upgrade.
  • A damaged or defective USB cables that are damaged or defective can cause problems similar to this.
  • Different Bluetooth gadgets could be interfering with.

What Do You Do When Your PS5 Controller Flashes?

In the event that the PS5 controller flashes, but doesn’t experience any issues this could be a small software issue. In this instance, follow the troubleshooting instructions found in the Part XNUMX. When you’re Dual Sense controller flashes but fails to function, it could be of the result of hardware or software. In this instance, you should adhere to the troubleshooting procedures of Part 1 and Part 2 in order to figure out the cause of your issue.

Flashing Dual Sense Controller Solutions To Software Problems

If the PS5 controller is flashing then the problem could be due to a software glitch or a small microprocessor issue. In this instance there are a few simple manipulations that are accessible to everyone can help you find an operating controller.

Set The PS5 Controller

The first step is to restarting to your flashing PS5 controller to reset its original settings and eliminate tiny bugs. In order to do that:

  • Switch off the PS5 and disconnect the console from the controller.
  • Utilizing a thin, small pointed device, like a SIM Eject pin, press it for five minutes.
  • Connect the controller to the console by using an USB cable.
  • Click the PS button, which can be found in the middle on the Dual Sense.
  • Take note that if your PS5 controller is blue after this action, the issue is due to a connection issue.

Restart The Console

If you notice that your Dual Sense controller blinks when it flashes, it’s likely that the issue is with the console. If you are able to connect your controller with pc or a different console to start. If the controller doesn’t flash it is likely related to the PS5. You can then proceed with the next steps.

A Restart And Reset Of The Electrical Circuit Of The PlayStation Can Fix The Problem. For This, Go In The Following Order:

  • Switch off the PS5.
  • Then connect your Dual Sense Controller to your console by using your initial USB cable.
  • Unplug the power cable from the console’s back.
  • Wait 5 minutes.
  • Connect your power cable.
  • Re-start the console using the power button that is located on the side of the PS5.
  • Hit on the PS button of the PS5 controller.

If The Controller Keeps Flashing Try A Secure Restart Using Your Console

  • Hold the power button to the console, until you hear another beep (about 7 seconds after the initial sound).
  • Make sure you connect your game controller with the PS5.
  • Hit on the PS button located on your controller.
  • PlayStation Safe Mode should display. Select “Restart” or “Restart PS5”.

Please Note That These Two Processes Don’t Erase Any Personal Information You Have Stored.

Upgrade The System

If you notice that your PS5 controller blinks the controller, it could be due to an outdated system. Verify that the latest update for your console has been completed. It is automatically available to you once you connect your PS5 connects to the Internet. However, you can check it manually using the following steps:

  • Make sure your device is connected to the Internet.
  • Click Settings -> System -> System Software -> System Software Update & Settings -> Update System Software.

PS5 Controller Flashing In An Abnormal Manner Hardware Issues: Solutions

  • If you are unable to fix the issue and see the PS5 controller is flashing and showing signs of malfunction it could also have an issue with a source. If this is the case it’s likely that the issue will require replacement of a part or perhaps the controller.
  • Loading issue with the Dual Sense controller.
  • Hardware issues that can trigger flashing of the Dual Sense controller’s controller to blink include the result of a malfunctioning Bluetooth circuit as well as a damaged USB cable or a USB port that is not functioning properly.
  • Verify the proper functioning for the Bluetooth circuit by connecting the Dual Sense to the console or a computer using the Original or compatible USB cable. If the controller doesn’t flash anymore and does not experience a issue it is likely that the Bluetooth circuit is likely to be down. This means that it will need to be repaired through an electronic repair service for your device.
  • Check the functioning that is being performed by your USB cable by connecting the PS5 controller to a connected USB cable and connecting it to either a PC or console. If the controller ceases to flash the controller, then the original USB cable could be damaged and you should replace it.
  • Check for proper functioning that is happening at the USB port. Try to charge the Dual Sense controller. If it does not charge, connect your controller into an alternative USB connection on your console, and when that fails then plug it into a different connected device (computer or another console). If the controller is still flashing but it isn’t charging it is or is related to the USB port of the controller which is broken, or the internal components or source of power. Out of the order. In this situation an in-depth investigation performed by a specialist will be required.

Power Or Internal Component Problem

  • If the PS5 controller is constantly flashing and isn’t working correctly It could be the case that it is because the controller is malfunctioning because of a failure of internal components or the power source. In this instance the only option is to seek a specialist service to repair it or buy a brand new controller.
  • If the Dual Sense controller is in warranty, contact PlayStation support team via an upgrade request or call 01 70 07 (France) or 01 70 70 07 (France).
  • If your controller is not in warranty, you may call a repair shop that specializes with electronic equipment. After determining the problem and receiving an estimate, you’ll be able to determine if the repair is worthwhile or if it’s better to buy a brand-new controller.


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