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How To Repair Logic Board MacBook Pro? Best Information In 2023

The Logic Board MacBook Pro, whether desktop or laptop is the principal circuit board on which components communicate with one another. It is responsible for the functioning for the device. If the Logic Board MacBook Pro fails it could result in an interruption in communication within the device and then a system failure. The CPU, also known as the computer’s brain is unable to send signals through the Logic Board MacBook Pro also known as the nerve center that connects to the other parts components of the.

This type of issue can result in complete system malfunctions that cause significant difficulty to determine. The failure of the Logic Board MacBook Pro is regarded for being among the toughest things to identify and fix. It requires rigorous testing and delicate components to maneuver through. In this article we’ll go over the most common reasons for failure of the Logic Board MacBook Pro and the things you can do to fix it for your Apple desktop or laptop Mac.

Logic Board Vs Motherboard

There is no real distinction in the function of motherboards and Logic Board MacBook Pro. The term “Logic Board MacBook Pro” is simply the name used to describe a motherboard, invented by Apple. Apple might have specific specifications that are suitable to only Apple computers, but since the majority of motherboards are specific to every device, that does not make Logic Board MacBook Pro any different from motherboards.

The causes of failures on the Logic Board MacBook Pro.

Liquid Spill

It’s a simple error to commit. The act of knocking on drinks or other liquids on a laptop is an extremely scary experience because the computer’s delicate hardware may end up being damaged. If liquid is absorbed laptop’s and is absorbed, the first thing to be destroyed is the Logic Board MacBook Pro. Sometimes the keyboard may be damaged too. The connections to the Logic Board MacBook Pro cease to function due to the liquid and this could lead to the eventual failure of the whole board.

Do not be concerned If you are in a liquid spill on your laptop. The first thing you need to do is disconnect the laptop from the power source. Don’t attempt to clean it using items such as a hair dryer, either! A non-professional cleaning method like that could cause further damage to other components that comprise the PC.


Overheating can be harmful to the whole computer. Every part of the computer, particularly the Logic Board MacBook Pro require an efficient cooling system for the entire computer to function efficiently. The video card and CPU typically draw a significant amount of power and produce plenty of heat. The cooling system of your computer helps to disperse this heat for an appropriate internal temperature.

If the heat isn’t distributed quickly then the system can overheat. This could result in connecting points or other parts on the Logic Board MacBook Pro to become warped that could lead to an error on the Logic Board MacBook Pro. Inefficient heat dispersion may be caused by a large dust build-up or a malfunctioning cooling fan.

Wear And Tear From Natural Wear

As we all know, the majority of hardware components don’t last long. It is impossible to anticipate the failure of Logic Board MacBook Pro from the normal wear and tear of the components however it’s one of the causes that can cause failure.

What A Malfunctioning Logic Board Could Appear To?

Sometimes, the damage to the Logic Board MacBook Pro isn’t obvious enough for you to notice, this type of damage may affect your computer experience. If a Logic Board MacBook Pro circuit does fail, the components are deprived of their communication channels and cannot communicate with one the other. This can affect how computers function. It is usually the cause of sudden system crashes or even a complete system malfunction.

There Are Certain Indicators Of A Defective Logic Board

There are certain signs of a malfunctioning circuit board you might encounter. The Logic Board MacBook Pro is referred to as “the “system management controller” and it can be tested using Apple Diagnostics. In the event that Apple Diagnostics reports errors with the system management controller the Logic Board MacBook Pro is at fault. problem.

If you notice you can’t connect to the USB ports that are next to the HDMI or MIDI ports don’t seem to be functioning, it could be that you have a Logic Board MacBook Pro problem. Video ports directly connect to Logic Board MacBook Pro and any issue that affects this area can impact the connectivity of the ports and components.

for Macbook Air and Macbook Pro users, a terribly dim screen may be a failure of the Logic Board MacBook Pro indicator. The screen is dimmed that isn’t able to switch back on, and you’d require a torch to shine at it to make it clear what’s going on. The LED screens of MacBook Air and MacBook Pro laptops is managed by the Logic Board therefore a failure of the Logic Board could affect the brightness of the screen.

A Logic Board MacBook Pro may “come back to life” after “dying”, but will most likely fail again. However, a malfunctioning Logic Board MacBook Pro does not show numerous early warning signs to keep crashes from happening. Without a functioning motherboard your system will not function in any way. It is essential to check your system regularly to identify the problem, and then seek out a solution for repair.

Are you interested in knowing more about the most obvious indicators of computer hardware malfunctions? We’ve put together the top 10 most common hardware problems that you can identify immediately. How do you examine your Logic Board MacBook Pro for problems We’ve previously mentioned checking the Logic Board MacBook Pro through the way of identifying other problems. This includes testing the video and RAM and also that of the drive in the event that it is needed.

It is also dependent on whether your computer is able to pass the POST (Power-On Self Test). When you turn on your computer, it is tested using POST. It checks things like memory, CPU and networking interfaces. If the hardware of your computer succeeds in POST it will show your Apple logo’s splashscreen, or the background will be light gray.

Test The Hardware

If the Apple notebook or desktop Mac is able to pass POST, you’ll need to test the hard drive, RAM and GPU. If not, you can only test the GPU and RAM. For RAM built-in or GPU integrated into the board’s logic, problems that are found in these components can be interpreted as a problem with the logic board. They’re an integral part of the logic board and the entire board needs to be replaced if problems occur with either of them.

Testing Hard Drive

Disk Utility First Aid and Apple Diagnostics can help you check the hard disk for any issues. Failure of the hard drive can lead to issues with startup, as well as other storage-related performance issues. Errors such as an empty folder during startup may indicate there is a hard disk problem.

Examine your hard disk using Disk Utility by using First Aid if your Mac is able to boot smoothly. First Aid will help you identify and fix bad sectors, as well as prevent premature failures, too. If your computer isn’t able to start smoothly, you can use Apple Diagnostics at startup. Hit the “D” key when you arrive at the Apple splash screen to launch Apple Diagnostics. You’ll be able identify potential issues with hardware, such as the battery, hard drive or RAM.

To conduct more extensive tests, you can make use of an analysis program for your hard drive such as the WD Drive Utility on Mac. It is recommended for testing the drive using an entirely separate Mac desktop using the USB or SATA enclosure. This will keep the drive separate from any other elements that might impact its performance.

It is possible to continue test other components if you feel your hard drive functions well. If you discover that your hard drive has a problem then follow our step-by-step guide for how to check and fix an inoperable Apple hard drive. You’re lucky in the event that you have only an issue with your hard drive since they are much simpler to repair that the logic boards.

Testing RAM

RAM comes in removable chips or it is integrated on the logic board (most laptops come with this feature). This can affect the way we’ll test for problems with the RAM.

In the case of Apple desktop Macs, such as iMac or Mac Mini, you can remove the RAM chip to conduct testing. It’s not the case for all Apple laptop Macs starting in 2012 and beyond. They are equipped with RAM onto the motherboard. For confirmation that it is, start your laptop and check if RAM is integrated into the motherboard.

When Your Computer Has Passed POST

Utilizing Apple Diagnostics, you can examine both embedded and detachable RAM for problems, in the event that your Mac passes POST. If you are able to make your Mac to properly start by running a RAM test software such as MemTest86 can also prove beneficial.

Remember the information we spoke of earlier about embedded RAM being a part of the logic board? If you notice a RAM issue on your laptop equipped with RAM, it is possible to be sure that you have an issue with your logic board. If you discover that the RAM chip that you detach is defective and you want to fix it, all you need to do is change it. If not, you can proceed to testing our video cards.

If Your Computer Fails To Successfully Complete Post

If your computer is on, but remains on the black screen, that indicates that it isn’t passing POST. It is necessary to remove your RAM chip and then test the system using an additional functioning RAM chip. This is only applicable to desktop Macs since the majority of laptop RAM cannot be removed.

Verifying whether the issue persists with the spare RAM could aid in determining if you have an issue with the logic board. If your computer runs well using this spare RAM then it’s an issue with RAM. If not, you could have a problem with your logic board.

Testing GPU

Additionally, Apple Diagnostics can also aid you in testing the video card of your Mac is able to pass POST. Utilizing analysis software such as Footmark by Geeks3D can provide more detailed results from the test of your video card. If your Mac isn’t able to post, you can only check your card’s video if it is not connected to the motherboard. The majority of Apple Mac laptops have embedded GPUs on their logic boards and you aren’t able to try it using a different computer Mac.

It is possible to identify an issue with the logic board by removing all other possibilities or by identifying the problem with a part that is embedded in the board. In order to fix this problem, you’ll need to have the logic board fixed.

You Are Thinking About Replacing Your Logic Board Yourself?

Logic boards, the main circuit board of the Mac are made up of complex components and connect points. Removing one is among the most challenging computer repairs to tackle even for expert techs like us.

For those who are skilled in DIY and technology replacing a logic card on its own is an efficient solution to the possibility of a failure on the logic board. However, due to the difficulty in the design of the circuit board replacing it usually will have a 70-80% chance of percent success rate. In the majority of logic board repairs that are done, all components in the computer must be taken out and placed back in after replacement of the logic board. If you’re unsure of taking care of this it is best to trust an expert.

Are you confident in your DIY abilities? There are plenty of guides for replacing your logic board online at Ifixit. Guides specific to your specific model of Mac may be on offer. First, you’ll need an entirely brand new logic board.

Logic boards are usually specifically for the type of the computer, adapted to the dimensions and interface. The various dimension of Mac laptops could also affect the size of the board as well as the way it fits onto it. It is necessary to purchase the same logic board model to get an alternative. Find out what type of model you own and then look up the universal model numbers that Apple part numbers are when purchasing it on the internet or in-store.

A Few Points To Note

Logic board failures is a possibility for any user of an Apple laptop or desktop Mac. But, there are some guidelines you should be sure to do to prevent an untimely failure of your logic board.

Protecting your logic board

While some problems with logic boards are beyond our control maintaining healthy practices in your computer can help you prevent the things that can cause them. This could include making sure that your computer’s vents are free of dust and dirt, or making sure your cooling system is in good excellent condition.

Cleaning It Up

The cooling fan could draw dust into your desktop or laptop Mac. Dust that has accumulated in your computer could hold heat and cause problems with heat dispersion. If this heat isn’t dispersed, your system may be slower than normal because of overheating.

It’s possible that you only need to clean the interior of your laptop once per year to ensure it is free of dust, which isn’t all that difficult to do. Cleaning products such as cloths that are lint-free and isopropyl ethanol could help with this.

Make Sure The Cooling Unit Is In Tip-Top Shape

The cooling fan acts as a protection against overheating, therefore it is important to ensure that it’s functioning efficiently. If the fan makes unusual noises while in operation, it’s an obvious indicator that it’s not working properly. You can also check its condition by using Apple Diagnostics. Making sure that the outlets for ventilation are clear is also an ideal way to ensure adequate airflow. When you use your laptop on surfaces made of cloth could hinder ventilation and keep heat.

A Professional Repair

Repairs and replacements to logic boards are a bit difficult, and therefore it’s logical to hire professionals to help. Once you’ve understood the entire procedure, you’ll be able to get an idea of the requirements for your computer to function properly.

A visit in the Apple store will usually give you free service at no cost if your device is covered by an existing warrantee or Apple care. In that regard it is advisable to determine if your Apple service or warranty remains valid. Apple may not be able provide support if they are not the device is outdated to be serviced. This is applicable to Apple laptops and desktop Macs that were manufactured prior to 2012.

A third-party repair service could assist you in a way that the Apple store is not able to. Perhaps you’re looking to find a place that is closer to your home. With a high-rated repair and maintenance service for computers located in Sydney the skilled and knowledgeable staff are at Safemode Computer Service can help you by replacing your logic board. We are situated near The Inner West, a close-by alternative for all of your computer repair requirements. We will help you determine the cause of your issues with your laptop or desktop and recommend the most appropriate solution for your needs. Contact us for more information by calling us or going to the Enmore store now.



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