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Laptop HDMI Input Best Info In 2023

Laptop connectors and cable are everywhere now because of their superior signal transmission, and more important, their capacity to transmit videos and audio signal in one. They let you install any home theater system or connect multiple devices without the need for two cables. It’s the reason Laptop cables have substituted VGA and RGB cables. There’s practically no gadget that doesn’t include Laptop ports.

Does My Laptop Have An HDMI Input? (How To Check)

Laptop HDMI Input connectors and everywhere now because of their high-quality signal transmission, and more important, their capability to transfer audio and video signals simultaneously. They let you install any home theater system, or connect multiple devices, without having to use two separate cables.

It’s the reason the Laptop cable has substituted VGA as well as RGB cables and virtually every device that doesn’t have one Laptop port. Laptops are just one of the numerous devices with Laptop ports, which allow users to connect to various devices and connect audio and video. Although it’s not a common feature however, you might need to make use of your laptop to serve as a second screen to play video or audio. You might be wondering whether your laptop supports HDMI input. HDMI input.

Find out whether your laptop is equipped with the input by looking at the sides of your laptop, which house the other ports. There are Laptop HDMI Input output and input ports integrated into the panel right next to one another. Also, the specifications in the laptop’s user manual and on the website will indicate whether it comes with one Laptop HDMI Input or output port. A Laptop HDMI Input isn’t an usual option for laptops since they aren’t used as secondary screens to stream footage from other gadgets. 

This is why manufacturers do not include them in their designs due to the fact that they’re expensive and could add to the price of buying a laptop. You can however come across older laptops, specifically those manufactured from Alienware with Laptop HDMI Input ports.

HDMI Design

A theory online users propose suggests that the Laptop HDMI Input port is capable of handling both output and input. Depending on the goal It doesn’t matter what port we choose to use. It is possible to decide whether laptops should be used as an input device or an output device.

The problem is that Laptop HDMI Input ports do not function in this way. As we’ve seen earlier, Laptop HDMI Input ports on the output device encode digital signals that will be transmitted via the wires that are twisted while the ports on the input device translate these signals and feed them to the gadget. They’re wired and designed to perform the job in question and don’t function in reverse. If you are looking for Laptop HDMI Input ports for outputs or inputs it is necessary to choose different ports as their designs differ.

There are Laptop HDMI Input in and out labels on a variety of devices that act as output and input. If your laptop comes with the HDMI output port, then it should be identified as such. Additionally to this, some people recommend that you convert the laptop’s HDMI output port into an input port with an adaptor designed specifically for this purpose. But, there aren’t such adaptors and you cannot modify a port made for sending signals for receiving signals.

HDMI Ports In Laptops

As stated, Laptop HDMI Input ports are found in the majority of input and display devices, as they make the transfer of audio and videos super simple. Laptop HDMI Input allows installation of home theaters simple because it’s a double-in-one cable which eliminates the need of separate connections or cables to connect video and audio. Laptops aren’t the only option.

There’s no modern laptop that doesn’t have an Laptop HDMI Input port, as it’s vital to broadcast laptop audio and images onto monitors and displays. However this is not the case. HDMI ports found on laptops are typically Laptop HDMI Input outputs but not inputs. Is It Possible To Get Laptop HDMI Input Input On A Laptop? However, the truth is that it’s impossible to connect Laptop HDMI Input on laptops with an extra Laptop HDMI Input port that is labeled “HDMI-in”, and that’s extremely rare.

There are numerous reasons as to that this isn’t feasible, but the most important explanation is because the signals from Laptop HDMI Input require decoding this process requires special hardware that is not typically used in laptops currently. Additionally the laptop’s screens are typically LCD panels that run on different voltages than normal monitors, referred to as low-voltage Differential Signal ling (LVDS) and connectors differ too.

Although Laptop HDMI Input connectors work the same but the signals won’t be transferred and you’ll need to connect the one side of your Laptop HDMI Input cable in your Xbox while the other one into your laptop. However, your laptop will not be receiving any signals.

Change Of HDMI Out To An Input Port On Laptop

It’s impossible to utilize any Laptop HDMI Input adapter or something similar to convert the laptop’s Laptop HDMI Input output to input. This isn’t the Laptop HDMI Input cable itself that is responsible for the sending or receiving of signal, but rather the port itself, and how the laptop was built. It is designed for output , and that means transmitting signal regardless of which cable you plug in.

However, many websites offer a different view and advise you to invest in HDMI adapters, however, this isn’t helping. A laptop equipped with an output port designed for Output only is capable of transmitting signal, not be able to receive it.

There’s no cable itself that decides how the signal is routed and how, but the port itself. As long as the port on your laptop is built solely to send signals out to another source, and not receive video or audio signal (like many laptops of nowadays) the process of changing HDMI outputs to inputs on laptops isn’t possible.

Are There Any Gaming Laptops That Have HDMI-In?

Alienware has had laptops previously that came with an additional HDMI port to input, like those with the Alienware M17x and M18x R4 and 18. It is not clear that any other available models have this feature currently however I will make this update as soon as there’s more information regarding the models! Note: If your laptop is connected to HDMI in the display, it is only an LCD, and none any other component (speakers or keyboards, for instance) can function. However, it is very beneficial to make your laptop an external display as it can be used to play games with either your Xbox as well as PS5.

Can HDMI On Laptops Be Used As An Input Device?

It’s not, at least not directly. The Laptop’s HDMI port is designed for output only therefore you cannot make use of this port to input, no regardless of what. You’ll still be able to find ways to get signal and show it on the laptop’s display however, this won’t be possible when you switch it from HDMI into input. Alternatives to workarounds you can employ

Although the simplest way – simply plugging an HDMI cable to your laptop or console, for instance – isn’t feasible however, there are ways to use the screen of your laptop as a display for devices that are external. But, they require you to invest into capture cards or similar devices that are typically quite costly. For the money you spend on purchasing a device like this you can easily buy an excellent 4K TV instead.

However, if you don’t have the space for an additional TV or you would rather utilize your laptop’s display to receive signals that comes from an additional source, such as gaming consoles You can do this however not through HDMI. In the alternative, you’ll need to utilize a capture card which connects through USB with your computer as well as the device you wish to stream on for.

Because a lot of data is expected to be transmitted in particular for 4K resolutions The connection is going to be through a either a USB-C, or Thunderbolt port. Also, make sure whether your laptop is equipped with such ports. Also, browse the list below of the best 17″ laptops that come with these ports, and have bigger screens that are perfect for streaming.

What Laptops Have HDMI Input Ports?

As we mentioned it’s possible to get HDMI input ports on laptops however, it’s not common. In the event that your manufacturer chooses to include the necessary circuitry for this feature, you’ll find the HDMI-in port alongside HDMI-out on the right side of your laptop alongside other ports. You can also look up your laptop’s specifications within the user’s manual , or on the official website of the manufacturer, and look for HDMI-in ports. Yet, many Alienware laptops have these ports. It is possible to search for alternative ways to use your laptop to display your work.


The only instance where you don’t notice these labels, even the fact that it’s both output as well as input, is when your device is of one of the HDMI Type ARC. Audio Return Channel (ARC) HDMI ports were introduced with HDMI 1.4 that allows devices to function as an input and output device, transmitting or receiving messages. The principal purpose of ARC cables and ports is to cut down on the cables that are required in order to join two different devices.

As the name implies the ARC cable is typically utilized to transfer sound between two gadgets. For instance, if the AV receiver is connected the sound bar using through an HDMI cable for example, you are able to transmit audio and video directly from the audio bar to your receiver. The TV is able to receive audio from the audio receiver and then send the audio signal to the device.

Therefore it is not necessary to use two cables to send and receiving these signals for audio and video between and to the television. There isn’t the ARC HDMI port on laptops since it’s used only for audio and there’s no reason to include the ports in laptops.

What Is The Reason You Would Want To Do This?

 The reason could be that you’d like to use a specific applications (OBS) in your laptop computer, to stream or record content from another device like an Xbox. In order to do this, you’ll have to purchase an USB HDMI game capture card similar to this one: Although a USB video capture chip will not let you use your laptop to play video games (there’s an a little too high a delay) you can stream or record your gameplay. The issue is that these cards are quite costly. Many people believe that buying an inexpensive HDMI monitor is better than investing in an USB HDMI Game Capture card.

Can You Use A Laptop As An External Screen?

In the absence of HDMI, it’s not feasible to use a laptop as a second display (unless it has HDMI-in) however there are some fascinating hacks that you could look into. In Windows 10, there are many options to pair two gadgets and make them external displays by using a Wi-Fi network. The most straightforward way is to make use of Windows 10, which has a Miracast feature. If your laptop and computer have access to the exact same Wi-fi connection and you are able to connect and use both of them as the wireless display.

To access this, you must go to Windows 10 Display Settings. To do this, open Windows 10 Display Settings (search in the taskbar) and select Projecting to this computer. When the function is available by Windows 10, you’ll be able select “Always On” from the drop-down menu. You’ll have to turn on this feature on both your computer and laptop.

Press on the Windows + P keys to start the projection menu, and then click “Connect to a Wireless Display” and it will find your laptop. The laptop will function as a second monitor and you’ll be able to set every standard setting for display (resolution as well as orientation,). Another option is to use third-party applications for example, like Space Desk. The programs require Wi-Fi however. There are a handful possibilities to use laptops as a second screen with no HDMI cables.

DIY Advanced Solution

It’s also possible to eliminate the screen on your laptop to make it an portable screen using the help of a controller board. Of course, I wouldn’t suggest this option due to its complexity however it could be useful when trying to get an LCD panel back from a laptop that is damaged.

What you have to do is purchase the controller board (with HDMI) that is compatible with the LCD panel on your laptop and connect the cable with ribbons to the board. After the controller board has been connected to a PC (or any other device) it will recognize it as an additional display. Be aware that they’re not adapters, but rather, they’re a collection of components connected and an energy source is required as well. It’s not an sophisticated solution.

Many DIY enthusiasts utilize this method for building custom computers, but it’s not something you should attempt if you don’t have any previous experience in electronics. I’d only suggest this for laptops that have been abandoned you don’t want to repair.

Can You Convert HDMI Output To Input?

You can’t convert HDMI input into output. The internal circuitry is different. The only solution is to buy some of those game recorders that we mentioned earlier which allows you to receive signals.

What Is The Difference Between HDMI Input And Output?

The main difference between HDMI output and input is the direction that the signals originate from. If they’re sent by an device, the HDMI output port is on the receiving side, and the side receiving it is HDMI-in.

The majority of devices have HDMI outlets, which means that they are able to send signals out however, they cannot receive any. In the same way, many displays come with HDMI-in ports (monitors or TVs, etc.)) which can only receive signals. There are some unique devices like the Alienware laptops, which we mentioned earlier, that can support both HDMI out and in but it’s not the norm.

How Can I Tell If My Laptop Is HDMI In Or Out?

In general HDMI-in ports will be labeled as an HDMI-in port. In the event that your HDMI port isn’t labeled as such, it’s just a normal HDMI port, and it’s just HDMI-out. There are some devices that have both, however, they are not connected to the same port. They have two ports that are distinct that are HDMI-out and another for HDMI-in.

Can You Connect An Xbox To A Laptop With HDMI?

As these are HDMI-out devices (unless otherwise noted) there is no way for signals to be transmitted in this case, and the risk is that you’ll damage the internal circuitry. Game capture cards may work, but they generally come with a significant amount of lag. You’ll definitely notice some delay in input, higher than what the majority of people will endure. They are mostly utilized for recording or streaming console games. I would not suggest them for gaming. You can’t connect an gaming console to an laptop via HDMI.


You aren’t able to direct the laptop’s HDMI output to input, however you can make use of an capture card to get the same result. It requires a USB 3.0 or greater port, however the majority of laptops today come with these ports. While it’s not cheap however, it’s a reliable technique that’s reliable and allows your laptop’s screen display external audio and video.

Check all requirements for a video capture device (especially the system specifications) as they usually require a more powerful laptop that has dedicated graphics cards in order to function correctly. There’s a chance that you’ll encounter a little slowness if you’re only able to achieve the minimal requirements, but after a little tweaking the result will be satisfactory at the very least.

As you observe, the process isn’t easy. If you don’t really want to use your laptop as a display on your console for a specific reason (like recording videos using your laptop or streaming it or something similar) It might be better to purchase a basic Smart TV. For instance the Model Insignia (affiliate URL) will cost no over a standard capture device would however, it has advantages of having an even bigger screen (32 inches) and, since it’s a smart television we’re talking about, it’ll allow you to access Netflix, Disney+, Hulu and much more in the event that you have an Wi-Fi connection.

It’s your choice at the end of the day, as long as you understand the reason why you’re required to convert the HDMI output into an input at all in the first place. It’s important to know that you can make a choice, even if in this instance you may find that another option is the better option, unless you’re considering streaming or making gameplay videos.



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