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How To Tell If PS4 Controller Is Charging? Best Info In 2023

Gamers strive to maximize their gaming time between charging. This will prevent you from having to replace controllers or wait for them to charge. Your controller will last longer if it is fully charged by being able to tell when it is full. This allows for more gaming time.

You can check the charge level on your PlayStation 4 console by pressing the PS button. The screen will show the current charge level. The light bar at the controller will turn off to indicate that your PlayStation 4 controller has fully charged. Let’s now look at some common questions about how to tell if ps4 controller is charging. When do they stop and top tips for prolonging your PS4 controller’s battery life.

How Long Does It Take To Recharge A PS4 Controller?

When their PlayStation 4 controller’s battery runs out, a common question is “how to tell if ps4 controller is charging?” You can plan your time by knowing your ps4 controller is charging. You might be able to take a break, or walk the dog around the block while you charge your controller.

If the battery is dead, it can take up to 2 hours for the PlayStation 4 controller’s battery to fully charge. The best way to ensure your controller’s battery life is to completely charge it from zero. To avoid waiting the time required ps4 controller is charging fully, you can purchase a second or third controller to replace it when necessary.

Take A Look At The Color Of The Light Bar On The Controller

You can see the light bar on the controller to check if it is charging. The light bar will blink slowly orange when the controller is in rest mode. This light bar will turn off once it is fully charged. It is easy to see the light bar and know if the battery is charging. To protect your battery, you must let it charge fully. It will last less if you charge it only part-way every time.

Track How Long It Is Charging

You can also track how to tell if ps4 controller is charging it has been on the charger to determine if it is done charging. If the battery is fully charged, it should take approximately two hours for the PS4 controller to charge completely. After plugging it in, look at the clock to see if it is finished. Important to remember that your environment should be between 50 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit in order for the controller to charge. Your environment may be outside this temperature range. If it is, your controller will not charge as efficiently.

Make sure it is in Rest Mode

You need the PS4 controller’s rest mode to allow it to charge even when it’s not in use. When you receive the device, pair it with the PS4 system. To do this, connect it with a USB cable while it is still on. Make sure the system is either in sleep mode or on. The PS button can be used to check the battery’s charge. The charge level will be shown on the screen. You can also go to the settings and choose another option than Off in Settings. Go to Power Saving Settings and then to Set Features Available In Rest Mode. Next, click on Supply Power for USB Ports. It will now charge in rest mode.

A wireless controller is a great option for playing on a PS4 console. You have flexibility and can connect up to four controllers. Each controller must be paired individually. Once you have paired them, you can charge them using a USB cable.

How To Tell If Your PS4 Controller Is Charging and how it is stored will determine the life expectancy of your battery. Pay attention to the temperature of the room. The battery life of your controllers will last around eight hours if you take good care of them. Your controller can be left plugged in as it has a voltage regulator built in that will turn off the charger when the battery is fully charged. The battery can be charged between charges so you don’t need to worry about it draining completely. You should pay close attention to your charger, and make sure it is plugged in.

Charge A PS4 Controller While Your Console Is In Rest Mode

Your PS4 console will go to sleep when it is put into rest mode. It can still be used to download and install game updates even though it isn’t fully powered on. You can also instantly start playing a game if you switch off your PS4’s rest mode. The boot-up time is faster. There are many configuration options available to maximize rest mode on your PS4. These include the ability to charge your PS4 controller even though your console is in rest mode.

You can charge your PS4 controller while your console is in rest mode. Explore to Settings > Power Save Settings> Set Highlights Accessible in Rest Mode You can now ensure that USB Ports are turned on. This can be set to Always, Three Hours depending upon your preference. This will allow your PS4 controller to continue charging even if it is in rest mode.

Do PlayStation 4 Controllers Stop Charging After Full Charge?

We then discussed whether you can use your PlayStation 4’s controller while it’s charging. Next, we will show you your ps4 controller is charging while your console is in rest mode.

Next, I share with you top tips to save battery life on your PS4 controller We then discussed the life of your PS4 controller’s batteries. We also looked at how to reset your PS4 controller, if it’s not working properly. Please share it on social media if you have. This will make it easier for other gamers to find the same helpful information.

Tips To Save Battery Life On Your PlayStation 4 Controller

You may now be wondering ps4 controller is charging the life of your battery. It will last longer between charges so you don’t need to charge it as often. If you are interested in saving your battery life, here’s a list I have for you.

1. Diminish The Brightness Of The Light Bars

To dim the light bar brightness of your PS4 controller, Navigate to Settings > Devices> Brightness on your PS4 console. You can adjust the brightness of the light bar on the PS4 controller. To maximize battery life, you should choose the lowest setting.

2. Turn Off The Controller Vibration

To disable the controller vibrations on your PlayStation 4 controller: Navigate to Settings > Devices> Controllers on your PS4 console. To turn off vibration from your controller, select the box next to Enable vibratory.

3. Reduce the time it takes for controllers to turn off

You can reduce the time it takes for your controller to turn off on your PlayStation 4. Navigate to Settings > Save Power on your PS4 console. Select Set Time until Controllers Turn Off from this link. There are a few options available:

  • For the best battery life, use for 10 minutes.
  • After 30 minutes.
  • After 60 minutes.
  • Do not turn off.

4. Lower The Volume Of The Speaker On Your Controller

You can reduce the volume of your speaker by using this method: Navigate to Settings > Devices> Controllers on your PS4 console. You can adjust the volume of the Volume Controller (Speaker for Control) from this page. This is a good option to prolong your battery life. However, you can also turn it down significantly.

Instructions to Make Your PS4 Regulator’s Battery Live Longer. We’ve already covered great tips to save battery life on your PS4 Controller. Let’s now talk about ps4 controller is charging the battery life of your controller. To increase your PS4 controller’s battery life, fully charge it with zero charges. This will ensure that your battery is in top condition by performing the full cycle, from zero to full charge. This will make sure your PS4 controller’s battery lasts as long possible.

How To Reset Your PS4 Controller If It Isn’t Working Correctly?

Resetting your PS4 controller can be a quick fix if your controller isn’t working as it should. This is easy to do, and you only need a reset tool (or a small pin) that fits into the reset hole. To reset your PlayStation 4 controller: To ensure that the reset process doesn’t get interrupted by your PS4 console, turn it off completely. For now, I suggest unplugging the console.

Locate the PS4 controller reset button. This small hole is located on the underside your PS4 controller, just to the right from the ps4 charging port. To reset the controller, use the reset tool. After the controller has been reset connect it to your PS4 via a USB cable, and turn on the console. Now you can repair your controller by pressing the PS Button. I have found that resetting the controllers on PlayStation 4 will solve about 90% of any issues they may be having. This is an important skill to master.


We are at the end of this article. Thank you for reading. Let’s recap what we have covered before we close. We first answered the question “How to tell if your PlayStation 4 controller has fully charged?” Next, we examined ps4 controller is charging to be fully charged.



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