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How Long Do Gaming Laptops Last? Best Info In 2023

If you’re considering Gaming Laptops Last buying an all-new gaming laptop or have recently bought one, it’s common to be wondering what the lifespan of your laptop will be. You need to ensure you’re getting the best value for budget, particularly when you consider Laptops Last? cost a lot and don’t have the capacity to be upgraded.

It is also possible to wonder what steps you can take to make sure your laptop lasts the longest time it could before becoming outdated. This article will help you’re going to discover Gaming Laptops will last as well as the factors that affect their life span and how you can extend it. Let’s get started!

What Is The Average Lifespan Of A Gaming Laptop?

The typical life span for Gaming Laptops runs approximately three years, however, when you take care of them and maintain them they should be able to last for at least 5 years. Around the time you reach 4 years certain components like the GPU and CPU are likely to get old and other components such as the fans and battery may require replacement.

In general, Gaming Laptops are built to last and it’s not unusual to see Gaming Laptops that have been in use for more than 10 years. If the primary components like the GPU and CPU become old, it doesn’t mean that your How Long Do Gaming Laptops Last? will become inoperable.

This means that your laptop is unable to play the latest games or play them on the most basic setting. This is due to the fact that developers are prone to embrace new technology in order to offer gamers many more features to enhance their Gaming Laptops experience overall.

For instance, VR (Virtual Reality) Gaming Laptops is relatively new technology. Laptops made prior to the time of its development aren’t equipped to support VR headsets. This makes it difficult to run VR games like Elite Dangerous, Assetto Corsa or Hover Junkers on older laptops. Even with outdated hardware, you’ll be able to play older or less demanding games and other apps in the event that your laptop meets the minimal system specifications.

Normal tasks like browsing, word processing as well as watching videos will be feasible. Indeed, many gamers will eventually transform their old Gaming Laptops into a regular laptop after their hardware becomes obsolete and is not able to run the latest games.

Does Gaming Reduce Laptop Lifespan?

Gaming Laptops can reduce the life span on your computer, particularly when you play during lengthy sessions. Gaming Laptops generates heat, and playing for long endless hours can make your laptop’s components overheat. As opposed to desktops laptop fans aren’t strong enough to withstand heavy usage which means that the laptop’s components could get worn out faster. Most laptops nowadays have tiny fans in order to make room for the slimmer, lighter form size. This means that regular laptops can’t effectively cool the heat created by Gaming Laptop intensely.

Thus, Gaming Laptop for prolonged periods of time on an ordinary laptop is not advised. It could harm the performance of your CPU and, in turn reduce the life span that your computer. Gaming Laptops tend to be heavier and accommodate more powerful and larger fans. However, even laptops made specifically for Gaming Laptop may suffer from overheating if they are not properly cared for. This is the reason it’s crucial to change the thermal paste every year and wash the fan every month.

Do Gaming Laptops Last Longer Than Normal Laptops?

Gaming Laptop last a lot longer than normal laptops due to their premium components and fans. A normal laptop won’t be able to endure regular Gaming Laptop like Gaming Laptop. A Gaming Laptop could last for a long time if maintained and only used sparingly.

On normal laptops are also likely to encounter a lot more difficulty fixing or replacing internal components that might break. Sometimes, manufacturers create a situation where it is impossible to replace the individual parts of laptops. If one component is damaged, the whole laptop will be one big brick.

How To Make Your Gaming Laptop Last Longer?

Cleaning your laptop’s fan every month and changing the thermal paste every year are the best methods to extend the life of your laptop. Alongside regular maintenance, it’s recommended to limit Gaming Laptop to just a few hours. Each laptop is unique and therefore making use of software to monitor the temperature of the components is the most effective way to know the amount of Gaming Laptop is able to handle before it requires to take a break.

Third party software that is popular such as Open Hardware Monitor is a great tool to monitor the temperatures the laptop’s component as you play. As a player I am aware of the temptation to play for 12 hours in a row, but the majority times, it’s not a great choice for laptops with Gaming Laptops capabilities (or in terms of our overall health although that isn’t stopping us from playing).

If you are planning to play for a long period of time, ensure your laptop is ventilated area. When I play on my Gaming Laptop I do not place upon my lap as this could lead to excessive heat. Instead, I put the laptop against a firm surface, like desks or tables in order that the fan aren’t blocked by pillows, blankets, or sweatpants.

There are many factors that affect the temperature of laptops depending on the location it’s in to the game being played. Make sure to keep your heat in the mind when you play and you could be in a position to keep your laptop operating for quite a while.

How Often Should Your Replace A Gaming Laptop?

You should replace the Gaming Laptop computer every 5 years. After 5 years your graphics card and CPU will become outdated and you might not be able play more recent games. If you replace your Gaming Laptops at least every five years, you’ll prevent the issue of the possibility of a broken CPU or hard drives.

If you own a laptop that can easily change parts, you could extend this five years further by upgrading certain components. But, the fans aren’t replaced, and after 7 years it’s an awful idea to trust the old ones with the security of your new laptop components.

It is possible to tell that it’s the time to upgrade your Gaming Laptop keeps running hot during Gaming Laptop sessions. It could be an appropriate time to upgrade your laptop is not meeting the requirements for the latest games.

Can A Laptop Last 10 Years?

A laptop could last for up to 10 years but it is only possible with the right maintenance. You can extend the life that your computer will last by cleaning the fan once a month, and applying thermal paste to your GPU and CPU once per year.

If your computer is older than 10 years old, it could not be suited to Gaming Laptop because its components will be old-fashioned. A 10-year life span will also be a requirement for very low usage and very short Gaming Laptop sessions. It’s extremely rare to see the laptop can last for 10 years without a gamer that is top of the line at the time of purchase. Graphics cards, CPUs, RAM, etc. are all outdated within 3 to six years after they are released. A lot of the laptop’s internal components are not built for long-term use.

After 5 years, there’s likely to be a drastic drop in the performance of your laptop, and there is nothing you can change it. Ten years later even if everything in your laptop is dying and it’s likely to be unable to run games that are new.

Is A Used Gaming Laptop Worth It?

If you buy from a vendor who refurbishes laptops and provides a long assurance, then purchasing a second hand Gaming Laptop can be a great alternative. The problem with purchasing secondhand laptops is that you will never know what sort of use they’ve had prior to your purchase.

Shop on sites that have no seller accountability can be extremely risky. Even if a laptop just one year old, in the event that it spent the year working to mine Bitcoin for 12 hours every day, it is unlikely to remain for one day in the hands of you. Do thorough research about the laptop, the seller and even the amount the laptop typically sells as brand in the original packaging from the maker if wish to make a safe purchase.

What Affects The Lifespan Of A Gaming Laptop?

In the end all electronic devices, such as laptops, eventually stop working. But, some last more than others will require the need to replace. What is the cause? The answer is the following key elements:

  • Quality of the hardware.
  • What do you do with your laptop.
  • How do you manage and maintain your laptop.

The Quality Of Hardware

Laptops, as with smartphones, have different specifications for hardware and their overall construction differs significantly from one brand to the next. The quality of the equipment you begin with can significantly impact the length of time your Gaming Laptop can last.

In terms of the lifespan of a Gaming Laptop the graphics card, processor and chassis as well as the cooling system play an important impact. This is because , unlike storage and RAM the components cannot be upgraded. Only a handful of Gaming Laptops like those from Dell Alienware 51M allow you to upgrade your CPU and GPU.

The Processor (CPU)

It is referred to by its acronym CPU(Central Processing Unit) is the computer’s brain. It tells other components of the system what they should do, and the best way to accomplish it, based on the software running on your computer.

The processor inside Gaming Laptop is accountable for processing input via your mouse or keyboard and transmitting graphical information to your GPU to render images. As technology improves the speed of processors increases and they become more efficient in processing data.

For instance the Intel core I9 processor is faster than the Intel Core i5 processor. Even though a laptop that has an Intel core i9 processor could be overkill for the majority of games and apps as of the writing time this article, it will change three or four years from now. For example, games like Witcher 3 and Batman Arkham Knight currently use an i5 processor in their minimum requirements. However, in the next sequels they may require an I7-powered processor.

As games become more sophisticated and complex, they are able to incorporate many features as well as assets, which require the use of a faster processor to ensure smooth gaming. Thus, buying one with the Intel core i9 or i7 processor instead as an I5 processor could be the better choice in the event that you are looking to ensure your purchase is future-proof. A laptop with an i5 processor may be more affordable, but it could be obsolete sooner.

Graphics Card (GPU)

The GPU as we said previously is the one accountable for rendering images on your screen. Nvidia along with AMD are the two most well-known GPU makers. Similar to processors GPUs are becoming stronger as technology improves. One good example of these advancements is ray tracing as well as Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS) technologies.

Ray tracing is a method of capturing the way light interacts in real life to create stunningly realistic reflections and shadows.  However, these techniques are specifically designed for the latest Nvidia RTX 20 series graphic cards. To enable ray tracing for the older GTX 10 series and 16 series GPUs, you will need to install a new driver. However, even if you do you could notice a significant reduction in framerates with these new features, compared to the case if you were using the RTX 20 graphics card. Graphics cards that came out prior to they were upgraded to the GTX 10 and 16 series graphics cards are obsolete and don’t support ray-tracing as well as DLSS technologies.

In this regard, you can anticipate RTX 20 series graphics cards to become increasingly well-known in the coming years as GTX 10 and 16 series GPUs are slowly becoming obsolete over the next few years. So, an gaming laptop that has the most current GPU will last for longer since it will be able to handle graphics-related features that are expected to come out in the future.

Cooling System

When running processor and graphically-intensive games and software, the CPU and GPU generate a lot of heat. Additionally, since the components are located in a space with restricted airflow, temperatures could increase to extreme levels. Extreme heat is the primary reason for premature hardware failure as well as CPU throttles. Throttling slows down efficiency of laptops, and it is possible that you will be sluggish during gaming.

Each laptop manufacturer has their own way to control temperatures. One of the methods is the use of multiple high-speed fans as well as vapor chamber cooling and using metal casings that allow heat to be dissipated more efficiently instead of plastic. Many even develop unique methods of cooling. Consider an example of the Asus ROG Zephyrus Gaming laptop as an instance.

It’s designed to permit the bottom of the laptop to move when it is opened. This allows for an open area that allows air to circulate and it helps the laptop run cooler and prevent throttles. If the cooling system of your laptop isn’t well-designed and the components of the motherboard could fail sooner than they ought to, dramatically decreasing its life span.

Chassis Quality

The chassis (enclosure) is a crucial role in the longevity of your laptop. It’s responsible for keeping the laptop’s internal components in place, and also protecting it from environmental elements like water and dust. The substance your chassis is constructed of will determine how well your laptop will endure shock and abuse when it’s accidentally dropped.

A chassis made of aluminum will do better in safeguarding your computer than one constructed from plastic that is light. In the event of an impact, aluminum is likely to scratch and plastic tends be bent, warp or break. However, this doesn’t mean that all laptops with gaming chassis constructed of plastic won’t be tough. Actually, the majority of laptop chassis are made of plastic, and they last for quite a while. Quality of material is important. The majority of Gaming Laptop will have more durable chassis than laptops that are budget. The most important thing you do not want is for the life of your laptop being reduced due to a fall.

How You Treat Your Laptop?

If you don’t take good maintenance of your computer, it will not last long. Gaming Laptop as with all electronic devices, contain components that are extremely delicate. Certain actions can reduce the life span of your laptop. Things that could damage your laptop could be:

  • Dropping your laptop.
  • The accidental spill of coffee can cause damage to the laptop’s motherboard.
  • The use of laptops on soft uneven surfaces like your bed could cause your laptop to overheat.
  • Cleaning your computer at the least every six months.

What You Can Do To Make Your Gaming Laptop Last Longer?

1. Pick A Gaming Laptop With The Best Hardware Your Budget Can Afford

Your budget will determine the price you can afford for the most expensive, high-end, and budget-friendly gaming laptop. Beware of laptops that are low-cost (usually less than $800) as they usually come with older hardware that will become older more quickly.

Make sure you buy a laptop that has a faster performance and graphics card, over one that has greater storage capacity and RAM. You are able to update memory and storage in the future. Also, look up for specifications on the internet to get a sense of the quality of the chassis and cooling mechanism that’s in place. If you read a lot of customers complaining about problems such as excessive heat, that’s not a good sign.

2. Clean Your Laptop Every Six Months

Every 6 months, it’s typically a good idea clean the laptop’s interior particularly when you frequently travel or live in a smog-filled area. Because of the small space inside a laptop’s interior, dust and other particles are likely to accumulate around the vents, the fan and other components of the motherboard. This hinders airflow and could result in overheating. Before you open your laptop for cleaning, be sure to read the manual says about your warranty. In certain cases, opening your laptop could end the warranty.

Also, make sure to disconnect your laptop from power sources prior to cleaning. If you make use of compressed air for cleaning the fan make sure you hold the fan to stop them spinning. If you don’t, you risk damaging the fan. As with laptops Laptops aren’t always easy to remove and, if you’re not technologically adept, you must seek assistance from a tech.

3. Always Carry Your Laptop In A Laptop Bag

If you frequently travel take your laptop in bags for laptops. Laptop bags come with a cushioned bag that is designed to shield your laptop from being damaged in the event in the event of an accidental fall.

4. Use An External Keyboard And Mouse When You Are Not On The Move

PC gaming requires lots of input from your keyboard and the mouse. It is usually a lot of left- and right-clicking your mouse, as well as repeatedly pressing buttons on your keyboard. If the components fail, your laptop will cease to function. Finding a touchpad or keyboard replacement for your laptop model isn’t easy particularly if the laptop was made available for sale a long time back.

If you do, however, use an external keyboard or mouse for gaming, and one of them fails it is possible to purchase another on the internet and connect it to your USB port to continue playing. The keyboard and touchpad to play while on the move which allows the devices to last for a longer time.

5. Keep Food And Drinks Away From Your Laptop

Water and electricity aren’t compatible. So it is important to keep beverages and food out of the laptop you reduce the chance of them spilling onto your computer, creating liquid damage. In addition to frying your computer as well, damage from liquids can cause data loss when water gets into the delicate areas of your SSD or hard drive.

6. Keep Your Operating System And Antivirus Software Updated

By maintaining the OS as well as your antivirus program up-to-date lowers the risk of malware that is malicious running in the background, making your laptop overheat.

7. Use Your Computer On A Flat, Hard Surface

Most laptops have air intake vents situated in the bottom. Duvets, for instance, tend to fold inwards and then curl and block air vents. If you must utilize your laptop while in bed then you need an adjustable lap desk that you can carry around or set it up on an air cooling pad.

When you place your computer on flat and hard surface, you let air flow freely into and cool your laptop. This helps prevent overheating and prolongs the lifespan of your gaming laptop.

8. Replace Your Computer’s Thermal Paste Every Few Years

Thermal paste, also referred to as a thermal substance, aids in keeping the processor as well as the graphics card cool, allowing them to be in contact to the heat source. Sometimes, improper application of thermal paste or failure in replacing it following a few years could be the primary reason for overheating and throttling. Removing it after every couple of years helps to disperse heat and can help the laptop to last for longer.

9. Keep Your Laptop Plugged In When Gaming

Most laptops are powered by lithium-ion batteries that are limited in charge cycles. Charging and discharging your laptop battery can cause the battery to fail earlier. Connecting your laptop to the internet during gaming doesn’t just improve performance, but it also makes keep your batteries stocked for longer.

  • Should I Leave My Gaming Laptop Plugged In?
  • There’s no need to fret about leaving your laptop plug in since it is equipped with an internal circuit that safeguards the battery from charging too much.


The length of time your gaming laptop depends on how modern the equipment is, the specific tasks you’ll be using it for, and if you’ll properly take treatment of the device. A new gaming laptop is expected to last for at least 3 years before you need an upgrade. If you take treatment of your car, it can prolong its life by five years or longer. Be aware that once you’ve passed the 4-year mark certain components might be out of date or require replacement.



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