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Can I Turn My Old Gaming PC Into A NAS? Best In 2023

Most people who use computers think that should upgrade their machines at least once every couple of years. The cost of replacing a computer is often quite high when you consider all the expenses. If you are looking for a cheap way to increase your computer’s performance, an old computer can be a great storage server (build NAS from old pc).

You only need to have a place where you can access your old computer. Once all the configuration is complete, you’ll have hardware that acts as an external hard disk on your network. It gives access to shared files to anyone who signs in. Assuming you put private records on the build nas from old pc, your family can get to all that without requiring various passwords or testing to-recollect names. Are you averse to changing out external hard drives? Are you a frequent user of multiple computers that are connected to the same network? A build NAS from old pc is what you need.

What’s NAS?

Build NAS from old pc drives or NAS systems are devices that stand for Network Attached Storage. They act as centralised network shares to be used across a local network. A build nas from old pc allows to connect to the network and access data the same way as if they were physically connected to the disc.

A network of computers and other devices can share a storage pool. Credit goes to build NAS from old pc devices. build NAS from old pc can be used to perform many tasks such as backing up local computers and sharing group projects. It can also store shared documents and stream media such as music and videos.

Network-attached storage solutions allow you to quickly add or remove discs when there is not enough space. Some systems use multiple drive bays to perform smaller tasks, while others use RAID drives for greater reliability and performance.

Other Storage Options

If you need a central storage location that everyone on your network can access, a build NAS from old pc is the best choice. It is similar to your own cloud storage service that you can access quickly, cost-free, and personalize. Build NAS from old pc is not the only storage option. You might consider other storage options if you need to share large files with others or as a backup.

A NAS Can Be Used By An Old PC

Build NAS from old pc server can be built with an old computer. This is provided it has at least 8GB RAM. Build NAS from old pc is a program that allows you to make a shared backup between your computers. It’s accessible for Windows, macOS and Linux.

Why Not Use Your Old Computer?

You can use an old computer as a network storage drive. This is a cost-effective solution, which requires little maintenance but has a lot to offer. You can increase the speed of your computer when it’s used as a server by making some configuration adjustments and adding extras. By increasing RAM and video memory, you can speed up the computer and allow simultaneous file access. You can also get user-friendly software that makes it easier for everyone to see the information shared on your computer. Because of its age, your old computer will need DDR3 RAM.

Is It Possible To Set Up A NAS From An Old PC?

You will need to find a place in your home or office where the computer can be kept plugged in. The PC you choose will be your network backup server. You should ensure that the hardware of your machine is sturdy enough to serve as a Build NAS from old pc device, and that it can be used continuously.

To integrate your machine into your workplace or home network, you will need additional hardware and software. For a customized computing environment, your new build NAS from old pc will need an operating system installed. Different operating systems (build NAS from old pc) support the installation of networking software such as Network Attached Storage. UnRAID and True.

Because I already had one, I decided to convert a five-year-old and barely used desktop into a build NAS from old pc. UnRaid was the best operating system I found. You can browse Spotify and stream movies via torrents with unRaid’s plugins. You can even play videogames. UnRaid’s plugins make it easy to experiment with your build NAS from old pc.

What’s UnRaid?

UnRaid is an operating system that boots directly onto a web GUI. It does not have desktop functionality or similar features. This GUI is used to create all setups. It’s easy and fast. There is no desktop. All your files will be saved to your build NAS from old pc. You can only make occasional backups of your build NAS from old pc from the GUI. This is possible from any location on your network. UnRaid will shut down automatically (the WebGUI provides a setting to do this) when it is not in use. This helps conserve electricity and lowers heat.

These are the essential things to make an old desktop a build NAS from old pc.

  • A computer that has at least one SATA port free (unRaid OS).
  • USB flash drive, 3.8 GB.
  • Optional: The harddisk.

It is possible for your PC’s hard drives to fail. I recommend getting a USB flash drive that supports the unRaid operating systems. It can be used to reboot your computer, whether you want to reset your build nas from old pc or to install additional hard drives.

What Are The Qualities I Should Look For Before Buying Hardware?

Remember that efficient gear is what you want before buying your components. You have two options: build NAS from old pc or SAN. SAN requires special configuration. You should check whether your motherboard has enough SATA slots. If not, you can purchase an additional controller. Are you able to use 10Gbe?


When selecting memory for unRaid OS, the only thing you should consider is error correction and parity checking. It is important to make sure that data does not get lost. You build NAS from old pc will have fewer bays if you select more memory. 32 drives can hold 16GB. However, experts recommend purchasing ECC buffered memory. Others say it doesn’t matter. It is important to avoid purchasing ECC buffered RAM. You can purchase additional drives to increase your storage capacity and put them in RAID 0 (which does not require ECC RAM).

While memory speed is not important, any memory speed above 1333MHz will have diminishing returns. You can buy several 1600 MHz sticks unbuffered ECC RAM. 4GB is enough memory to run our server. This will also allow you to run virtual machines (VMs), if ever needed. It also gives you a larger margin on the 32 disk RAID. This means that there is less chance of another drive failing soon after yours (bad things can happen in clusters). The swap file is approximately 10 GB even with 4GB RAM. This means that there are 10 gigabytes of free space and any memory required by running apps.


The motherboard has two PCI slots (PCIex1) that allow you to add another NIC if you need them. This box will be given to my mother if the server fails. Hopefully it won’t. It would be a great home build nas from old pc. Make sure you have the correct RAM (ECC vs. Non-ECC, buffered or unbuffered) and that it fits in your computer. Before installing RAM sticks on your computer, make sure they are correctly inserted and match the capacity and voltage indicated on their sticker. If you are looking for cheap RAM, ECC.eBay will be the fastest and most efficient way to locate it.

Keep in mind that modern computer cases can be adapted to larger CPUs. If you wish to use an older case that is compatible with a newer motherboard, make sure to disassemble it first. A slower SSD is better than a faster one. I had difficulty transferring my Samsung 850 Evo data. I ended up ripping the entire system apart and replacing it with a slower 750GB Crucial X300. If you are primarily interested in operating systems and applications, Linux Mint is better than Ubuntu. It’s free, it requires fewer updates to run on more modern hardware and has proven successful.

Why It Is Advantageous To Build Your Own NAS?

Start by starting with a little money. An old computer can be purchased on eBay for between $100 and $150 to build your own build nas from old pc. You can save money than purchasing a pre-built NAS like the Synology build nas from old pc. However, this is not an option if you require a lot of storage. It also has a greater storage capacity. Although the Synology has a maximum storage capacity of 4TB, your old computer could have 20TB or 40TB.

Is Unraid An NAS?

Unraid Network Attached Storage (build nas from old pc) – As we have already mentioned, Unraid was originally designed to be an operating system that could handle network-attached storage (build nas from old pc). These scenarios are probably the main reason that most users still use Unraid today. You may be surprised to learn how an old PC can be transformed into a Synology NNAS. It is possible.

However, there are few requirements. A 64-bit Intel/AMD-based CPU (this is your NAS, you can’t use it for anything else). You can have a second computer that will be able to access your NAS later. To start the server, you will need a USB flash drive

Is It possible For A 64-Bit Computer To Be Used As A NAS?

These steps will show you how to transform a 64-bit computer, which is obsolete by current standards, into a NAS using freely available software. The future server will be capable of more than simply sharing files and storing them.

6 simple steps to transform your old computer into an NAS server

FreeNAS allows you to continue using your equipment.

  • Step 1: Select the right parts.
  • Step 2: Software installation.
  • Step 3: Use the FreeNAS image to burn a CD.
  • Step 4: Create volumes and users.
  • Step 5: Share equally and with others.
  • Step 6: The tip of the iceberg.

All The Information You Need To Build Your Own NAS

Instead of labelling and storing 20 hard drives, it might be a smart idea to set up a network-attached storage server (build nas from old pc). You will be able to use it if you take the time to build your own NAS. This is all you need to create your build nas from old pc.

CPUIntel Core i5-12600KRs34,990.00Amazon
Power SupplyTR2 SRs4,349.00Amazon
CoolerNoctua NH-U12S ReduxRs10,829.00Amazon
NAS StorageSeagate IronWolfRs8,170.00Amazon
MotherboardASUS Prime Z690M-Plus D4Rs19,849.00Amazon
RAMCorsair Vengeance LPX 16GBRs4,798.00Amazon
OS M.2 SSDSamsung 970 EVO Plus 250GBRs4,899.00Amazon


A NAS system should have a small footprint that can hold multiple storage media and other powerful components. The Fractal Design Node804 case can hold up to eight drives. Fractal Design includes three 120mm fans to cool the computer, but you also have the option of adding a water cooler or integrated cooling.


Which one should you choose: Intel or AMD? Intel offers a variety of processors to suit your needs, depending on what you need the NAS for. A Pentium or Atom processor will suffice for file and media storage. For streaming, Plex and multi-user optimization, however, the Intel Core i3 processor is better.

The Core i5-12600K is the best and most current version for this build. This chip features the latest Intel integrated GPU, as well as a combination of powerful cores that provide higher system performance per Watt overall.

Power Supply

The 500W GD power supply by EVGA is a fantastic component for any computer. The power supply is 80 Plus Gold certified and has received a lot of positive reviews. The modular wiring will minimize clutter and make it easy to set up NAS systems. You also have the security of the certification and branding. You won’t require anything more than 500W. This PSU will work well for future upgrades and systems with a dedicated GPU.


A 12th Gen motherboard is required because you will be using a Core i5-12600K. The ASUS Prime Z690M+ D4 fits the bill perfectly. A microATX motherboard could be used due to the large size of the case. This will allow you access to multiple PCIe slots and four RAM DIMM slots. There are also four M.2 slots and four SATA connections. You can connect up to eight drives to the motherboard by installing two PCIe extensions cards with additional SATA ports. Or, you could spend more to get a better motherboard.


When it comes to RAM for a NAS, you don’t really have to think about speed or capacity. You should choose the Crucial Vengeance 16GB RAM kit that is sufficient for all NAS-related operations. You should ensure that the RAM you choose is compatible with your motherboard.

The motherboard of this collection has four slots that allow you to expand the memory capacity to 32GB. Some 12th-generation Intel boards will support DDR4, while others will support DDR5.


The amount of space you need will determine the storage options available to you. If you have the budget, I recommend starting with 1TB or twoTB mechanical drives. Next, consider a 250GB M.2 SSD. Companies like Western Digital or Seagate offer dedicated NAS solutions.

Seagate IronWolf was my choice for cost-effective construction. It is a good idea to pair hard drives in a RAID configuration. This will prevent data from being lost if a drive crashes. A RAID configuration with two 2TB drives will provide 2TB of storage.

Operating System

Any NAS software can be used as your operating system. Openmediavault and FreeNAS, however, are my favorites. If you have never used these software packages before, it can be difficult to set up your NAS.

Build A NAS From Scratch

In deciding whether or not you get a NAS, the capabilities play a significant role. Despite being a storage device that is connected to your home network or work network, a NAS gives all connected devices the right to access files on internal drives as well as installed programs and services. You can buy a pre-built NAS. Prices can go through the roof depending upon features and specifications.

Sometimes, it can be cheaper to build a NAS. The best NAS for Plex to run Plex Media Server pre-built enclosures. If you prefer to have fun with your NAS or want to be able to stream and handle other demanding workloads, you can still build your own.

Here Are The Benefits And Drawbacks To Creating Your Own NAS System


  • Superior value.
  • Future upgrades possible.
  • Adaptable to specific needs.
  • Systems that have been created are stronger and feature-richer than those already in existence.


  • How well it works is determined by the protocol.
  • Slow down when you are using large files or a video program.
  • The file transfer speed is slower than DAS.
  • Scalability is limited.
  • Additional input-output processing
  • It is determined which system functions are available by the firmware and NAS chip.


It can be difficult to decide whether you want to buy or purchase a NAS. A method to upgrade storage is to make a NAS from an old computer. This NAS contains all the hardware upgrades and setup needed to make an old, inactive machine a shared resource on your home network. Let’s say you have all the hardware necessary to install the software. You can make a single device a backup server, which will keep all your computers running in case of an emergency or storm.

Although it can be frustrating and difficult for some people, building a NAS is easy if you are willing to do so. Only the necessary materials and space are required. Depending on your financial situation and other factors, it is a good idea to build your own NAS. It’s not difficult to build your own NAS. You can turn an old PC or drive that isn’t being used into a network-attached storage facility. It will only take a few minutes to set up if you already have the computer. There are many ways to increase storage in your home network. However, a NAS is the best way to create the most storage device at home with the oldest computer.

Pre-built NAS devices are not the only way to get network storage. Sometimes, additional options can lead to cost savings and greater storage flexibility. A NAS device, which is independent from a single computer, is far better for centralised storage. You might be put off by the high price of NAS (network attached storage) devices if you have ever considered adding storage to your small office or home network. You might consider using an old, unused computer as a NAS device if you don’t have the money to buy a professional NAS system.


Is It Possible To Play Games On A NAS?

A NAS has a huge storage capacity, which helps increase a computer’s storage. Modern operating systems recognize iSCSI devices to be local drives and allow installation of programs that are not compatible with network shares. Some games that cannot be run on a network share can be played from a NAS.

Is NAS reliable?

You can trust the reliability and durability of NAS drives. They have a higher workload rate, a longer MTBF, and are more reliable. This ensures greater dependability and toughness. You will enjoy a great gaming experience.

Is NAS Faster Than USB?

A NAS server’s speed can be significantly slower than Thunderbolt which can reach speeds up to 700MBps and ranges from USB 2.0 to USB 3.0. 130MBps is not slow, but it is very fast, exceeding many internal drives’ speeds.

Should I Create My Own NAS?

Instead of labelling 20 hard drives and storing them in a safe location, it might be a smart idea to install network-attached storage server (NAS). It is possible to make your own enclosure or purchase one. If you spend a lot of time at home, it will be very useful. Please share this content with your friends and family if you enjoy it.



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