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Best Surge Protector For Gaming PC In 2023

Are you looking to Best Surge Protector For Gaming PC, RVs or home theatre? Have you ever experienced a power surge that fried your circuit board and destroyed your data? This article will be informative for you if so. We will be discussing the best surge protector power strips for gaming pc. Protecting your electronics is essential with a surge protector. Your electronics have likely been expensive investments. If your investment was not correct, you need to repent. You must make sure you invest in the right places.

There are many surge protectors on the market. You need to choose the best one. It can be difficult to determine which surge protector is the best. The best power surge protects your electronic equipment and allows you to make all the connections that are required in this modern age.

What is a surge protector?

It is important to understand what a surge protector does and how it works. Surge protectors protect computers and other electronic devices against surges in power or transient voltage that can flow from the power supply. What does surges refer to? Surges are an excess of voltage generated by the power. Generally, power surges are the main cause of damage computers and electronic equipment. 120 volts is the standard American voltage for homes and offices. Any voltage higher than this is called a surge. This can cause damage to electronic devices plugged into an outlet.

Many people believe that “surge protector”, is synonymous with “power strip”. Many people also believe that “powerstrip” is a fancy multi-plug extension cable. The Surge protector is not the same as the power strip. They have their own differences.

A power strip is an electrical device that can provide multiple sockets. A surge protector, on the other hand is an electrical component that’s attached to the power strips and designed to protect devices plugged into it from an electric surge. Protecting electronic devices such as laptops, computers, and other electronic equipment is crucial. A surge protector is essential. Why is a surge protector so important? What are the best ways to determine if you require a surge protector? These answers are available by learning how the ” surge protect” works.

What Does A Surge Protector Do?

Are you familiar with how electricity flows through wires? You can compare the flow of electricity to water flowing through a pipe. Water moves from one side of a pipe through water pressure. It moves from high to low pressure. Electricity works in the same way. It moves from one end of a wire with high electric potential energy to another. It moves from one end to the other of a wire. The voltage is the measurement of this electric potential energy. The voltage is simply the difference between the electric potential energy and the voltage.

However, a surge is a voltage measurement that exceeds the standard by more than 3 nanoseconds. If the voltage rises above the standard by more than 3 nanoseconds, it means that the wire is being heated up. Sometimes, the heat can become so hot that it causes damage and even burns. This is the major problem and a surge protector is responsible for solving it. 

Surge protectors detect excess voltage and separate the electricity from the grounding wire. You may have noticed that all surge protectors include a grounding pin. To ensure that they work properly, they must be connected to a grounded outlet. Surge protectors are essential to protect your electrical equipment.

Top 11 Surge Protections For Gaming PC & Gadgets In 2023

01: Belkin Power Strip Surge Protector

The 12-Outlet Belkin Power Strip Surge Protector provides high surge protection and protects electronic devices from spikes and surges. The surge protector is 3940 joules and has 12 outlets. It also includes safety covers to protect your valuable appliances, such as home theatres, PCs, and everyday household electronics.

You don’t have to worry about power surges or storms damaging valuable electrical appliances. It also has an integrated voltage sensing function, which can detect and responds to your device’s current needs. Safety features ensure your devices are safe.

This surge protector also has an essential power filter system that reduces radio frequency interference and electromagnetic interference. It may block unwanted line noise, protect equipment better, and prevent equipment from locking up.

This surge protector also provides coaxial cable protection, 1-in, 2-out RJ11 telephone and fax protection. Cable boxes and satellite connections are safe thanks to this surge protector. Most important is the fact that the surge protector’s metal oxide variants can absorb excess electricity. It protects resistant housing materials against fire, stress and rust while preventing dents or scratches.

Its eight-foot length will allow you to use it comfortably. The cord has a durable design that ensures optimal power flow and protects your appliances from damage. This device also has two indicator lights, one red and one green. They can tell you if the device is protected or not. It is the perfect power strip for gaming computers!

02: Amazon Basics 12-Outlet Power Strip

Let’s now talk about the Amazon Basics 12-Outlet Power Strip that protects your electronic appliances from spikes and surges. The surge protector, which weighs in at 4320 joules, has 12 outlets that provide surge protection. It can protect your computer, televisions, workstations and printers as well as broadband modems, home theater systems, computers, and other household electronics. This power strip can be used to organize cables. This surge protector also features a space-saving combination rotating outlets that allows for larger AC adapter blocks to be accommodated.

This surge protector power strip will protect you from fluctuations and spikes. A low-quality power strip can cause damage to your precious electric devices due to power surges and storms. This surge protector is equipped with intelligent circuitry that detects voltage and responds to the device’s power requirements. This surge protector protects your devices with safety features.

This power strip can be used in a few minutes. The surge protector can be plugged into any AC wall outlets. You can then connect any electric appliances you need to protect yourself from surges and bolts. This power strip will reduce unwanted line noise, improve performance and increase battery life. There are two additional features. It has coaxial cable protection that protects satellite or cable box connections. The other feature is 1-in, 2-out RJ11 telephone protection to confirm uninterrupted and open phone lines.

03: APC Surge Protector With USB Ports

You want your electronic devices to be protected from power surges and spikes? You can then use the APC 11 outlet surge protector power strip, which charges and protects all USB-enabled devices via two USB ports. This protector is the perfect choice if you are looking for the Best Surge Protector For Gaming PC. It can protect your devices from lightning, surges and short circuits. This protector has 11 outlets that can be used to connect and protect 11 electronic devices. It also features 2 USB ports to charge your mobile devices.

Why is the APC surge protector so important? This device is essential in two situations. First, all APC surge products go through rigorous IEEE testing. Second, they abide by safety regulations set forth by local agencies. This surge protector will provide additional surge protection for your electronic equipment. You should be aware that power disruptions can occur at any moment and cause irreparable damage to your investments.

This outlet surge protector power strip, which provides essential surge protection to your PC and other electronic equipment, is secondarily ideal for computers and homes or offices. It protects your electronic devices from lightning, surges, spikes and lightning. This is my favorite power strip surge protector.

04: APC11-Outlet Surge Protector

You want to protect all of your coaxial connections, telephone lines, and electrical components at home and in the office. APC 11-Outlet Surge Protection (P11VT3) is a great choice if you want to provide surge protection that can block out power surges.

Many people are not aware that an abrupt rise in voltage or flow of power, such as power spikes or transient surges, can cause severe damage to expensive and valuable electric appliances. The best surge protector power strips can be an important part of protecting your electrical appliances.

You also know that no one wants to be forced to return electronic appliances purchased new for warranty purposes or replacements due to damage caused by power surges or overflows. To avoid these unwelcome situations, it is important to select a surge protector that can effectively block these powerful surges. We recommend APC 11-Outlet surge protectors (P11VT3) to solve these problems. This power strip’s surge protection outlets can not only block most power surges, but they also protect your appliances from them. This surge protector’s 3020-joule rating is perfect for handling critical situations.

05: Belkin AC Multiple Outlets Surge Protector

You may be looking for a surge protector for your home office. The Belkin 12 Outlet Surge Protectionor is a great choice. The surge protector features 12 outlets, 6 of which are regular outlets and 6 are blocked-spaced. This power strip protects computers, electrical appliances, home theaters, and office equipment against potentially harmful power surges. It can also handle large printers and charger plugs.

This surge protector power strip with USB also has two USB ports to charge smartphones, tablets and tv safely. These USB ports allow you to charge mobile devices while you work or check email. To ensure that this protector lasts for a long time, it is important to not run too many high-energy devices, such as AC units and space heaters, refrigerators or washers, through one surge protector. You should also be aware that you cannot plug more than one power strip into the same two-outlet socket.

06: Bototek Surge Protection

Do you want something different when purchasing surge protectors We have the Bototek Surge Protector Power Strip for you. The Power Strip Surge Protector has 10 AC Outlets and 4 USB ports. This will keep your power adapters clean. There are also two fixed side outlets that allow you to measure the distance. Cable management hooks are available to keep cords organized and manageable. There are no complications when it comes to messy cord situations.

The Bototek Surge Protection Power Strip outlets don’t allow any external interference to ruin your devices. The best surge protector protects your sockets from external interference and fuels your electronics with clean power. Surge protector power strips are available at the best price, but this surge protector protects your electrical appliances from lightning and surges with 2160joules of surge protection. This power rating of 2160 Joules is the most powerful and best for managing multiple electronic devices and larger devices. This power strip is the best for gaming computers. You can get it here.

07: Protector For The Belkin Surge Power Strip

The 8-Outlet Pivot Plug Surge Protector will protect your sensitive electronics from spikes and surges. The Belkin Surge Power Strip Protector is a great choice if you are looking for surge protectors at a best buy. Six outlets have surge protection and can be used to protect your home electronics as well as professional workstations.

The rotating outlets that incorporate surge protection give you more flexibility and advantages for plugging in than other products. The 6-Outlet Belkin Pivot-Plug Surge Protector has the highest quality construction, advanced design components, and the most efficient circuitry to provide complete protection against power surges, short-circuits, and AC contamination.

The large AC adapter blocks can be stored in the extra space provided by the rotating outlets that offer surge protection. This surge protector’s cord management system makes it easy to organize your cables. This surge protector is highly recommended!

08: Power Strip Tower Lovin Product Surge Protector

You are looking for a Power Strip Tower with USB ports and key control that is space-saving, stylish, and offers overload protection. We have the Power Strip Tower, Lovin Product Surge protector for you. This surge protector has 14 outlets that provide surge protection, and four USB ports. This means you can easily connect multiple devices. The surge protector comes with a 6-foot cord that connects to the socket. It is a four-layered tower design. Every outlet comes with a switch that allows for you to turn it on and off using a single button.

It can be connected to 110 V or 250 volts. This surge protector has a flame-resistant part that is completely safe. The surge protector is made of PVC, which adds an extra benefit. It also has an overload protector that will shut it down automatically if it causes overload. This power strip is ideal for both home and business use. It has a power rating of 780 Joules. You may find it to be both the best tower surge protector and a heavy-duty powerstop surge protector when you’re looking for the best.

09: Ac Cell Powramid Usb Surge Protector

You are looking for the best USB c power strip that will protect your electronic devices? We have the Accell Powramid U.S. Surge Protector for you. It’s built with superior fire safety and uses the most recent surge protection technology. You won’t find power outlets when you are on the road, in a hotel, at an airport, in a coffee shop or in a conference space. You can take the Accell 6-outlet Powramid surge protection with you to connect and protect all your devices.

The design of this power strip protector is amazing with six outlets placed at regular intervals around a circle. It also has two USB charging ports that are high-speed. This power strip protector also has a 6-foot long cord. This surge protector can be used with ease. A surge protector power strip with a longer cord might be a good choice for someone who uses adapters a lot.

The surge protector is shaped like a Powramid and has a colored indicator that lets you know when it’s turned on and whether your devices have been protected. Your devices will be completely protected by the bright green indicator. It is clear that surge protectors are available at the best price, but power strips stop supplying power when they stop providing protection.
This means that the surge protector will stop conducting power once it reaches its maximum capacity, protecting your devices from any damage.

10: Belkin 3-Outlet Usb Surge Protector

Do you want a power solution that is ideal for vacations and business trips? The Belkin 3-Outlet USB Surge Protector is a great way to charge your essential electric devices and keep them safe. The surge protector power strip includes three AC outlets and two USB outlets. This power strip also features a 360-degree rotating plug that allows it to fit into tight spaces. This portable surge protector protects your equipment from lightning strikes and surges.

This surge protector can be your companion wherever you go on an excursion to protect your electronic devices. Your mobile will charge quickly because it can deliver 2.1 Amps per USB port. When the devices are grounded, there is a green light that will activate. This best surge protector has USB ports that can be used in your bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, or hotel room.

11. Anker Power Strip Surge Protection

Anker Power Strip Protector for Gaming PC protects your gaming equipment from surges and spikes, no matter what you’re doing. This powerful 6-foot extension cord has 12 outlets and three USB ports. The flat plug can be plugged inline, which makes it easy to match any decor. The Power Strip Surge Protector also features PowerIQ technology, which optimizes your device’s charging speed depending on its battery capacity. It also has a 10-foot extension cord for easy placement.

Top 5 Benefits Of Using Surge Protector Power Strip for Electric Devices

We have carefully selected the best surge protectors for you. These unexpected events may not affect your electric devices. These are listed below.

Short circuit of power lines.

  • Lightning.
  • Wiring that is damaged.
  • Unexpected surges in electricity supply.
  • High-powered electrical devices can be quickly turned on and off by turning them quickly.
  • These surge protectors may also be of benefit to you in other ways. 

These are just a few of the many benefits that surge protectors can provide.

A surge protector is an affordable option to protect all your equipment. A surge protector can be easily installed to protect expensive devices from surges. Simple Repair and Replacement: A surge protector is easy to replace or repair in an emergency situation. You can rest assured that your important devices are safe.

Reduced maintenance costs: Surge protectors reduce excessive voltage and protect your electronic devices like TVs, laptops, and computers. Protect your devices from accidental damage. They reduce maintenance costs.

We Have Selected The Best 05 Best Gaming Surge Protectors based On The Above Factors. These Are

  • Amazon Basics 12-Outlet Power Strip.
  • APC Surge Protector With USB Ports.
  • Belkin 12-Outlet Power Strip Surge Protector.
  • Belkin AC Multiple Outlets Surge Protector.
  • Bototek Surge Protector.

The AmazonBasics 12-Outlet Power Strip is our top choice. It’s the best for gaming!

How To Choose The Best Surge Protector Power Strip?

Before you buy a surge protector power strip to protect your gaming computer, there are some things that you should be aware of.

These are the key characteristics that we will be focusing on:

Number Of Outlets

It’s really demoralizing to run out of power outlets. Your despair will not be contained if you have surge protectors. Even though it is quite expensive, you will want a multi-outlet surge protection for your gaming computer.

EMI/RFI Noise Filtering

It is important to verify that your surge protector for gaming PC can eliminate radio frequency interference and electromagnetic interference. Surge protectors can cause interference with surge protection for gaming computers.

Safety Rating

It is better to verify that your surge protector has safety ratings such as UL 1449, the Underwriters Laboratories Safety Standard For Surge Protective Devices. It’s ideal for surge protection on your gaming PC.

Joule Rating

The Joule Rating is an important feature that you should check to ensure your surge protection. This indicates how much energy you can receive. The joule rating indicates how much power your surge protector can handle. The better protection you get, the higher the joule rating. The surge protector power strip with a rating above 2000joule is the best choice for protecting your gaming computer.

Diagnostic LEDs

It’s a great way to verify if your surge protector is in use. The Diagnostic LEDs can be seen in the eye and confirm whether the surge protector is working or not.

USB Charging ports

It is rare to find someone who doesn’t have a USB-based device in this age of super-modern technology. USB charging ports allow you to charge your phone, while other outlets offer active surge protection for your gaming computer.


The best surge protectors to protect your gaming computer come with a lifetime guarantee. This means that the longer the warranty, you get more performance. You have the right to make a claim if something goes wrong. You should make sure that the power strips you purchase for your gaming computer come with a good warranty.


We did extensive research and found that the best surge protector power strip is necessary to protect your gaming PC from lightning, surges, and spikes. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to save your valuable items from destruction. But, don’t forget that money can never be wasted.

There are many brands and models of surge protectors. You need to pick the right one from among them. If you don’t, your output will be negligible. These situations can be avoided by choosing the best company to sell these products. You can purchase one of our top-rated surge protectors. We want to conclude by saying that surge protectors are a great way to protect your precious electric devices from any untoward situation. It will be more beneficial for you.


Do I Need A Surge Protector For My Gaming Computer?

You know how intense it can be to play your favorite games if you are a gamer. You may also be exposed to a lot electrical noise if your gaming computer is powerful. It is important that your gaming computer is protected against spikes and surges.
Surge protectors can protect your computer from power outages, spikes and other types of electrical noise. There are many types of surge protectors, but all work the same: they absorb energy from spikes to protect your computer. A good surge protector is a great way to protect your gaming computer.

How Much Joules Are Needed To Run A Gaming Computer?

For a gaming computer, a surge protector must provide protection of at least 2,000 Joules. This protects against any potential damage from a power surge. Protectors with at least 1,000 Joules of protection are recommended for electronics that store data such as a HDTV or gaming console. However, for sensitive electronics such as PCs, you should go higher than this. Ideal is 3-4,000 Joules.

What Can You Not Put In A Surge Protector?

You should not use surge protectors to protect high-power items such as space heaters, dehumidifiers or other high-capacity gadgets. These are some gadgets that you cannot put in a standard surge protector.
Refrigerators: Refrigerant gases and high-power LEDs can cause damage to electronics. They are not recommended for use in conjunction with surge protectors.
Static electricity can cause damage to electronic components when dryers and washing machines are used.
Sump pumps: These devices pump water up to the roof to stop flooding. If the power goes out during pump operation, surge protectors will not help.
Space heaters: These heaters can generate a lot heat and overheat electronic devices.
Portable air conditioners: These portable conditioners are similar to space heaters and can heat up electronic devices when they’re not in use.
Microwave ovens: Even small amounts can cause short circuits or fires in microwave ovens.
Toasters: When the toaster ovens turn on, electric currents flow through metallic wires. This can cause sparks that could ignite a fire.
Coffee makers: Coffee grounds can ignite if they are in direct contact with an appliance equipped with a surge protector.

How To Protect Your Electronics From Power Surges?

Three ways to protect your electronics against power surges are recommended by us. Below is a list of three ways to protect your electronics from power surges.
It is necessary to inspect and test the grounding system of your home. It is better to hire an electrician in this instance.
Protect your electrical service entry with a surge protector Installing the surge protector behind the meter is preferable to the main electric panel.
Protect expensive electronics like computers and entertainment gear at the point of use.

Surge Protectors Can Catch Fire?

New surge protectors are not likely to catch fire. Old surge protectors are not as reliable as new ones. Overheating can cause surge protectors to catch on fire.

Laptops Need Surge Protectors?

Surges or lightning can cause damage to your laptop’s charger. This is why you need a surge protector to protect your charger adapter.

Do You Need Surge Protectors For Your WiFi Router Or Extender?

This question is not definitive as it depends on which extender or router you are using. Most routers and extenders have built-in surge protection. Some also offer the option of purchasing a separate surge protector.
It’s safe to assume they need one, even if you don’t know for sure that your router or WiFi extender has surge protection.

Is The Security Camera Equipped With A Surge Protector Power Strip?

A power strip can be added to your home security system to keep it charged and to make sure that the camera functions during outages.
Home security cameras often use lithium-ion battery technology, which can be damaged by high voltages. Surge protectors are a good option to protect your camera against unexpected surges of power.

How Long Do Surge Protectors Last?

It’s obvious that nothing lasts forever in this world. So, surge protectors don’t last forever too. They can, however, last for three to five years.

Are Surge Protectors A Waste Of Money?

No. They may not be worth the money if you buy low-quality surge protectors. You don’t have to worry about the cost of high-quality surge protectors.

How Many Devices Can I Plug Into A Surge Protector?

You need to consider the voltage spikes in your surge protector. Although a surge protector may have 12 outlets, that doesn’t mean you can plug in more than 12 devices. You should limit the amount of large devices that you plug in to surge protectors. This will increase your awareness. You can read more about the smart Plugs on our blog.

Is Surge Protection Safe For Electric Kettles?

It is best to avoid surge protectors when high-powered appliances like an electric kettle. The surge protector can cause dangerous voltage spikes that can inflict you and damage appliances if they are plugged into an outlet. We recommend that you check the specifications online to determine if your electric kettle can be plugged into a surge protector. You may not need a surge protector if your electric kettle has its own protection circuitry.



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