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What Is Asus Turbo LAN? Best Information In 2023

If you own an Asus motherboard or computer you might have seen an application labelled asus turbo lan. It could take the form of a tiny window in the right-hand edge of the screen, or a larger-sized one with many options. It is possible to ask whether Turbo LAN is and what it can do to your computer. This article explains all you should learn about this tool, in order to assist you to maximize your efficiency.

What Is Turbo LAN?

Turbo LAN is an internet traffic shaping program which prioritizes your applications, offering them different bandwidths based on their needs for internet. Utilizing multiple applications that require internet connectivity to function concurrently can slow your internet. In the end, you could experience delays when using particular applications that require high speed connections.

Through Turbo Lan, you can simply prioritize your apps within the program , giving most priority to most demanding apps on the internet, such as streaming or gaming apps. If you are a player on the internet, Turbo LAN will help to reduce your ping time and speed up other apps. This program does not allow you to play online and block other applications from receiving sufficient bandwidth.

For example, if would like to chat online or video chat when playing games Turbo LAN makes sure that you are able to perform these tasks without reducing the bandwidth. There’s Turbo LAN bundled with many motherboards under the brand name cFosSpeed However, in asus turbo lan products it’s rebranded to Turbo LAN.

Turbo LAN Interface

Asus turbo LAN offers a simple and simple interface, with limited and simple choices. If you start the program it will open an application window that has different categories and tabs. You can find the Maximum Upload and download speeds on the very top of the page and the current status of your connection displays the upload and download speeds. On the right-hand panel on the right-hand side, you’ll find VoIP games, Media Streaming and File Sharing.

which allows you to prioritize and assign internet bandwidth to each of these categories according to your requirements. It also comes with an option for setting advanced settings and prioritizing based on various parameters, such as the server protocol, file sharing and protocols for clients, among others. You can set priorities for specific programs for a long time or just temporarily.

Another interesting aspect is that you are able to assign internet budgets to each program to limit your internet use and reduce the amount of time you use each program or application. The tool for traffic analysis lets users to keep track of everything that is connected to internet use within the specific “slot,” including game, files sharing, and media sharing and more.

You can identify which apps are connected to the internet connections in the program. It is also possible to track each app’s internet usage and identify what apps are consuming the internet’s resources. Another great aspect is the fact that it provides you a monthly report of the use of your internet.

So you can visually see the amount of internet you’ve utilized in the previous month and then compare and evaluate your use. It’s accessible in a variety of languages across a variety of operating systems, making it flexible and accessible to different users. All of these options allow players to reduce lags when playing games by distributing all the internet resources to download and upload.

How Does Turbo LAN Functions?

Turbo LAN Turbo LAN, which is a rebranded version of cFosSpeed is a tool that optimizes your Internet traffic allocation by splitting information packets in traffic classes. It performs these tasks in a variety of ways: The system prioritizes traffic according to layer-7 protocols, DSCP tags, port numbers, or any other parameters. It increases transfer speeds and reduces pings by shifting data packets around. This program monitors the speed of network connections by attaching a driver the network stack of the operating system and makes all internet data pass through this driver.

The program detects the moment when an application is trying to slow down an application in order to make it more efficient. It restores balance to the connections and restores your speed to normal, preventing other software from competing to use your bandwidth.

Here are a few other features available in the application:

Shared RX

The process involves minimizing pings, particularly when downloading, to stop these processes from slowing other operations.

Reducing Loss Of Packets 

This program can help to prevent loss of packets by closing TCP windows for receiving if it observes excessive packet loss.

Low Latency Mode 

The program comes with the Low Latency mode which lets you adjust the features of traffic shaping. It’s ideal to use for Voice over IP and online games. You can also activate “favor bandwidth, “favor the bandwidth” or “favor speed of ping” options to improve speed (while temporarily increasing the speed of ping) or to reduce ping according to your needs.


Turbo LAN serves as a firewall, protecting against unsecure ports and packets and other common online threats. The program lets you adjust the restrictions based on the circumstances. It’s easy to access through the simple interface of settings > options. There are other functions that this application offers:

  • Multi-User Features.
  • self-calibrating.
  • Broadband limits.
  • automatic router detection.
  • real-time analysis of traffic.
  • Dial-up connections that are optimal.
  • Firewall.
  • Layer-7 Analysis.
  • VPN – WLAN WiFi MTU-Optimization.

These internet management tools for a variety of internet protocols, such as smartphones, ADSL, DSL, VDSL, Cable, Modem and ISDN.

Is Turbo LAN Effective?

While some users have complained about issues with cFosSpeed or Turbo LAN, many other users are pleased with the way they’ve improved the speed of their gaming. Based on the results of this test carried out by the cFos team, it’s very efficient. They measured ping time during downloads and uploads over an VSDL connection, and compared the average time for data transfer when the program was running. The results indicated that cFosSpeed can boost speed by 3-10 times.

Turbo LAN Benefits

While Turbo LAN comes with many thrilling features that gamers enjoy as they decrease lags, it’s certainly not without its problems. Some users have complained that the program caused a decrease in speed for uploads or downloads that significantly increased after uninstalling the program. This is why many people who receive it as a part of their motherboards view it as an unnecessary bloatware.

They complained that this program blocked their systems rather than improving their internet performance. Additionally certain users believe it simply takes up CPU and RAM which can slow down their systems. If you conclude you believe that Turbo LAN is the main cause of your internet slowness it is possible that you won’t be able to remove it with ease.

It’s especially the case in the event that it’s bundled with your motherboard. numerous users have complained that they were required to do the system restore to eliminate the application. However developers are working to fix the issues, such as frequent complaints of display issues through the years. They have resolved a variety of issues with the new version cFosSpeed 12.00 version.

Other issues that could need you to uninstall the program are:

  • Incompatibility with other applications.
  • Numerous crashes.
  • Considered potentially harmful by antimalware programs.
  • The program is not functioning or not showing on the Control Panel or the main screen.

How To Install Turbo LAN?

In addition to the web traffic optimization advantages that come with Turbo LAN, you may decide to install it for different reasons. For instance, if you choose to update your Windows 10 to Windows 11 If you do, you might get an error message telling you that must install the cFosSpeed driver in order to complete the upgrade. This is also true if you own an MSI motherboard or device installing the cFosSpeed driver is simple since Dragon Center’s Dragon Center app will automatically install the cFosSpeed.

All you have to download is Dragon Center from the MSI website and then install it. If you don’t own an MSI device then you are able to download MSI here and it’s currently the most recent version of the program. If your system isn’t able to install the program fully it is possible to try the beta version clicking and selecting the download current beta (12.01. Version build 2516) choice. Once the program has been installed, you’ll notice an enlightened status bar at the lower-right part of the screen that displays the most important data.

How to Remove Turbo LAN?

Removing Turbo LAN shouldn’t be a issue for certain devices, and you can do it the same way as you would other programs. It’s as easy as going through your Control Panel, click on Programs and Features, scroll to locate Turbo LAN, and click uninstall. Alternately, you can visit Turbo LAN’s installation folder (typically located at C:Program Files ASUS Turbo LAN) and search for the uninstall.exe file.

You can now begin the process of uninstallation by double-clicking on the file to uninstall. As mentioned earlier that this procedure hasn’t been simple for many users due to the fact that it’s more of a motherboard driver rather than an easy program. Additionally, it does not come with an installation tool.

In these situations the best option is to do an system restore since certain users have complained that uninstalling won’t erase all components of the application from your PC. If, however, you own an MSI motherboard, you may remove it from Dragon Center, the company’s companion app that is installed on MSI motherboards and computers. If it’s not installed on your computer It is possible to get the application from here and log in.

When you launch the app after that, run a system scan to locate all the features running on your computer. After you’ve found cFosSpeed you can click the Delete button to remove it from your computer permanently. Restart your computer and see whether it was successfully uninstalled. But, some issues may arise when you try to DE install Turbo LAN.

For instance, a different software or process could prevent the process from being completely removed. Furthermore, certain of its processes might remain on the system and continue to run on the background. In these cases you may want to make use of a third-party uninstaller program to manage the entire procedure. For instance, Revo Uninstaller Pro is an excellent tool to assist you in uninstalling Turbo LAN and remove all the processes associated with it.

While it’s a paid application however, you can take advantage of its free trial for 30 days to finish the task. All you have to do is type in Turbo LAN or cFosSpeed, according to the software you’ve set up on the system within the Log’s Database and search for the Turbo LAN logs. Visit The all Programs tab and search for the appropriate log of Turbo LAN by clicking Uninstall. uninstall option.

If you are unable to locate it under the All Programs section You should head into the Logs Database. Be sure to choose the logs that work to the Windows type. Once you have selected the correct log after which you select Uninstall after which the program will delete all software and files that are associated with Turbo LAN

What Is Traffic Shaping?

Even with today’s fast internet connections, resources for network remain limited, limiting the ability of running multiple applications at the same time. Internet traffic shaping refers to a method to manage bandwidth by slowing the flow of certain internet information packets. So, the applications that have the highest priority in terms of connectivity requirements will receive the highest amount of data flow, ensuring they’re working at the highest level.

It’s exactly what it is referred to as It regulates the traffic flow’s speed, and adjusts the speed of the flow according to the desired speed, as requested by the person using it. If the traffic coming in is in the format that is specified the program will permit the flow of traffic.

If it’s more than the configuration specified The program buffers it and holds it back until it’s ready for sending at the rate specified. In the end, the top programs will be placed in a queue with each receiving their portion of the allocated traffic so that they don’t clog the system.

Traffic Policing Vs The Traffic Shaping

The words “traffic changing” along with “traffic police” are two terms that are frequently used in the realm in the field of internet traffic management. Although both are closely connected but they’re not the identical. As previously mentioned Traffic shaping is an algorithm for congestion management which enhances the latency of certain packets in order to eliminate bandwidth restrictions.

It causes delays in certain packets in order for them to comply with predetermined rates. However traffic policing manages excessive traffic by removing or discarding packets that are higher than the rate. Similar to the actual police policing of traffic on the streets, online traffic police enforces rules against websites that are in violation of certain rules and regulations.

It’s distinct from the traffic shaping that delays and buffers packets with a higher rate than the speed at which it is specified. Consider, for instance, that the hardware you use to connect to your internet, like internet cables, will accept more internet traffic than the prices you get from the ISP. In this scenario, they could restrict your internet connection by cutting off anything over what you’ve paid.

Other Applications For Traffic Shaping

There are a variety of traffic shaping software as well as Turbo LAN, which can aid in prioritizing apps according to their Internet requirements. Here are a few of the most effective tools available:

1. Paessler PRTG Network Monitor

Paessler monitoring network is a monitoring of bandwidth tool that lets you manage the usage of the internet for specific devices and apps. It is easy to see these consumptions in graphs, and limit bandwidth for each. It detects automatically the devices that are connected to your Internet connection and allows you to distribute bandwidth across the devices and place limitations on them.

2. Solar Winds Network Bandwidth Analyzer

Solar winds is among the most effective traffic shaping tools , offering tools for performance analysis, monitoring features, and automated traffic management software. It is possible to enhance your monitoring capabilities by adding additional modules to the package. On the negative side there are numerous tools and plugins that some users feel that it’s not the best choice for use at home because the features can be confusing.

3. Net Limiter

Net Limiter is an additional tool to monitor internet traffic specifically designed specifically for Windows. It lets you limit the application’s upload and download rates. You can also block certain apps completely if they are hogging your internet. Applications can be assigned four priority levels, which include critical normal, high, and low. It’s also user-friendly and clutter-free. It gives you visual representation of your operations and traffic that is prioritized. It is possible to give each app an allocated quota, and then choose to either block the application or take other steps if it exceeds the limit.

4. Net Balancer

NetBalancer is a different Windows application that utilizes technology known as Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) technology to prevent Bit Torrent traffic and to set time-based rules. It provides a record of your downloads and uploads to track how much bandwidth you’ve consumed. By using the use of pie charts as well as color codes that show the most popular processes over the past 24 hours The visual representations of the software are easy to operate and to follow.

The primary characteristic of this program is that it protects all of your data with TLS or SHA2 protocols. It also lets you transfer your data through its console on the web and access your data while on the move. All you have to decide is which settings or events to be synchronized and the time when syncing will take place.



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